Do You Really Need a College Degree These Days?

Do You Really Need a College Degree These Days?

Many high school graduates hesitate about their further education nowadays. While professors and parents insist on your higher education, many peers try to dissuade you from going to college. Many unemployed people usually blame their higher education as the main cause of their failures. In fact, higher institution is a wasted time only if you don’t know what you want. You can always have a look at the correlation between unemployment and literacy rates to persuade yourself in the importance of college.

Reason #1: Pass Your Education – Get Paid Higher

The first reason for choosing a higher institution is the most trivial one – money. You may be super talented and extraordinary individual, but, unfortunately, you won’t get paid as high as you deserve without corresponding diploma. If you want to work for a serious corporation, forget about empty resume without any higher education or work background. Unlike high school college education makes it possible to get involved in some internship or even get a part-time job. So, many graduates who possess diplomas arrive with both solid knowledge, research experience, and great experience behind. If you have no college education in your list of achievements, you risk losing your place under the sun to more successful guys.

Before deciding on your further career, it is crucial to observe the official data on various degrees and find out how much each position earns. Statistics is very important when making a decision regarding your higher education.

For instance, in 2014, the Economic Policy Institute discovered that college graduates used to earn 98% more than their less successful colleagues. How about this: as reported by Simply Hired, the average salary for a college graduate is $46,000 per year. High school grads manage to earn only $32,000 on the average. You may succeed with your application essay or resume after using corresponding writing services from online companies, but they won’t be able to gain a diploma for you.

There are times when you don’t need too many efforts to earn good money. I.e., IT specialists and copywriter tend to obtain high salaries without prestigious degrees behind. However, we should say that college degree is, first of all, knowledge. So, you won’t be able to become even a freelancer without getting a necessary set of skills. Students should realize that the famous investment formula works in every aspect of human life. When you invest in your education, you automatically guarantee yourself a carefree future where you will most probably earn no less than you have once invested in your college education.

The loans of your parents will be covered very soon. You cannot buy things like opportunities or American Dream with all money in the world. Thus, a college education is worth financial spending.

Reason #2: Getting lost?

If you get stuck with choosing your future career, higher institution is the place which can help you to make the right decision. Even if you start studying and realize that some of the subjects do not correspond to your life goals, you can switch to other disciplines or move to another institution. That is possible.

It would be much more complicated to change your workplace every time in case you are dissatisfied with your job.

College is the best place for all people to try the entry-level job. If your income matters so much, you can find a part-time or seasonal job and earn enough per academic living. Students usually do not need much. They just think so.

From our side, we can recall such entry-level jobs as:

  • Research assistant
  • Waiter
  • Young diver
  • Customer assurance specialist
  • Mail processing clerk
  • Library assistant
  • Content writer
  • T3 trainee

These positions do not sound as prestigious as you might hope, but they are the best start for your career during college education.

Reason #3: Learn Your Lessons Carefully!

The college also teaches us many wise life lessons. Saving money is one of them.

Within the framework of their education, students have a chance to attend many different internship and volunteering programs. This is an unforgettable experience which might influence your further work in a positive way.

While studying, you can save a plenty of your health by focusing only on those subjects that make sense to you. This skill will help you to set priorities and manage your time later in your grown-up life.

In fact, college education even gets you ready to create a family. Many aged people share that they have met their first wife or husband in college. That is where you start caring about someone else for the first time in your life.

Reason #4: Secondary New Experiences

When we talk about college education, it is impossible to ignore the funny aspects of this life stage. Students realize they are not children anymore when they try their first bottle of beer during the freshman night, or when they face their first sexual experience. For some, it is the first time they ever kiss.

Thus, a college education is not only about endless homework assignments, exams, and your future career. Anyway, if you experience some difficulties with writing assignments, you can count on the cheap online help offered by the competent UK and US writers. Such help will improve your overall performance. Another way is to attend all lessons and listen carefully. You’ll find out that higher education and life on-campus is much easier than you could imagine.