Are You Ready to Join the World of Computer Science?

Are You Ready to Join the World of Computer Science?

Now that you have your computer science degree, you may wonder what’s next. There is something more than technical aspect. The range of possible occupations within this field has expanded significantly thanks to the rapid technological progress. While system administrator was the only perspective job associated with IT science back in the 1990s, numerous front-end and back-end developers positions have motivated more students to join corresponding college or university hoping to obtain computer science degree in the end.

It is crucial to understand the role of this degree in terms of the modern world. Computer science area can boast a pretty high employment rate of 77%. The rest of the statistics show that only 10% of IT professionals remain unemployed as far as 13% have their part-time or freelance jobs. By the way, turning a freelance expert in computer science is a big plus for everyone who dislikes office regime and fixed salary.

It was proved that most of the IT graduates find the job as fast as half a year after graduation in the United Kingdom. The most wanted positions include:

  • Web designer
  • Information systems administrator/manager
  • IT operations technician
  • Games developer
  • App developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Programmer

Besides, if you hold a degree in Business Administration, you can count on some computer science jobs like:

  • IT consultant (you will need perfect knowledge of HRM here)
  • Business analyst (mind your accounting and finances background)
  • Digital copywriter (pay attention to Marketing classes)
  • IT trainer (Organizational Behavior and Management would help)
  • IT sales professional (use your leadership skills and knowledge of international marketing & economics)
  • Technical author (to be sincere, most of the time you might require two degrees to cope with the responsibilities of tech writer, and one of them should definitely be computer science)

If you experience any difficulties with your computer science education, you can always rely on some professional writing services that can even solve your IT problems. Now that we have talked about the main career opportunities in the field of computer science let’s move to other findings based on our independent research to discover the best paid and most demanded positions in the area of IT.

We suggest that you have a look at each of the careers carefully before choosing your future in programming, design, or any other aspects of computer science.

#1. Network and PC Systems Administrator

Even though the job is rather popular even nowadays, the demand for it is still growing by 12% each year. A young professional should be ready to work with communications channels and control networks. Thanks to these experts, everything runs smoothly and safely. During your computer science sessions, you have covered the peculiarities of various tools and equipment. That is especially crucial for system administrators. You will also have to solve problems with other IT managers and employees of different levels. In other words, it’s not just a technical job, but the way to connect all parts of the mechanism into one whole. Your degree in computer science should provide you with such skills as:

  • outsourcing data storage networks to cloud service providers
  • engineering
  • managing databases
  • electrical engineering
  • controlling networks
  • implementing systems design

Salary expectations: $45,270 - $117,150

#2. Programmer

Are you fond of games and applications? Are you aware of various programming languages like Java or CNC? Please mind that the first one if appreciated more. Use your computer science degree to become a talented programmer. Even if your knowledge of the programming languages is not that wide, focus on one language, and then master others one by one. The more programming languages you know, the higher your wages will be.

Besides, you’ll never know for sure which of the skills wold be the most highly valued among programmers the next year. The industry is really dynamic. It is recommended to learn at least two available languages before starting a career in this field.

In short, the mission of any programmer is to create code which helps to set up an app or a game. To do so, it is important to communicate with machines in a way they understand you.

Here are some of the main duties:

  • Except for the degree in computer science, one has to be fluent in C++, Java, SQL, HTML, Ada, BASIC and Python. There are two factors that predetermine which one you will need: platform and program.
  • You should be aware of the multiple operating systems (Android, OS, etc.)
  • These experts usually remove any intricate work processes without any problems.
  • Excellent communication and interpretation skills are a must.
  • Despite computer science does not teach you how to sell, computer programmers must still realize how to introduce their products and services to the end-users and clients.
  • Little supervision is required.
Salary expectations: $60,000-$70,000 annually

#3. Games & applications developer

As you have noticed, every second person today is running some apps on the favorite device. To let you have the overall picture, just imagine that global smartphone gaming income equals to €12.1bn. Other impressive data and facts can be found here.

Game developer career involves several fields related to computer science and arts:

  1. Design
  2. Programming
  3. Animation

The fast-paced industry is almost entirely reserved, so one should try really hard to promote the product like a mobile app or game. The making of a product can take days or, vice versa, days.

Once you end up with your education, observe this list of interconnected positions you can obtain with computer science degree:

  • quality assurance tester
  • simple programmer
  • audio engineer
  • 3D modeler
  • animator
  • producer
  • editor
  • designer
  • special effects technician

Doesn’t it sound fun?

Expected salary: $25,000-$80,000 and above.

#4. Post-Secondary Vocational Education Instructor

Do you feel like teaching someone else? Are you sure in your knowledge of computer science? Then, it is time to share your experience in the shape of education for a younger generation.

It is your chance to demonstrate your intelligence when being hired by one of the elite colleges or universities. Be ready to train others concerning the career of their dream. You will need to use at least Bachelor-level knowledge and skills.

It is interesting that the growth rate for this job is as high as for the first position on our list. It means that there are many students out there waiting for someone to teach them programming languages, engineering, development, systems administration, and other computer science-related issues.

Expected salary: $27,940-$85,000

#5. Computer hardware engineer

Perhaps, it is the most technical career on the list of our computer science occupations. These people work very hard to implement and examine the hardware and systems that optimize a machine’s performance. These experts have a direct impact on the entire computer technology development!

Except for processing things, these professionals should also create manuals and blueprints in the area of computer science.

Hopefully, you have no problems with math and statistics. It will be necessary to monitor large volumes of different data. Various types of testing and analytical tools like Cadence, Dracula, SAS software are required. At the same time, creativity is the key.

Expected salary: $84,000-$110,650.

There is nothing left to add except for the fact that you can still continue your education in computer science or any other related field. MSc or Ph.D. programs will help you to provide your future career with more opportunities. Studying something new all the time will make it possible for you to develop new technologies and products. You can also combine your job with continuous education through things like Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP). If you need a new personal statement to join one more institution, feel free to order computer science application from real experts.