Cultural Identity Essay: Reflective Writing of an Academic Paper

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Cultural Identity Essay: Reflective Writing of an Academic Paper
Table of Contents
  1. Cultural Identity Essay: Reflective Writing of an Academic Paper
  2. Defining Cultural Aspects
  3. Essay Topics & Ideas
  4. Cultural Identity Paper Structure
  5. Introduction
  6. Body Paragraphs
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tips for Writing a Culture Essay
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The task of writing a cultural identity essay may seem quite complicated, but it is full of pleasure for everyone. You don’t need to obtain specific knowledge to create this paper but only to reflect on your experience, feelings, and memories about the culture you feel close with.

It can be even not connected to your homeland because people can identify themselves in any way these days. Since we identify ourselves as essay experts, let’s make writing an essay on cultural identification clear! 

Defining Cultural Aspects

A cultural identity essay is creative or academic writing that expresses the feeling of belonging to a particular culture attributed to growing up and becoming a separate person with its personality. It provides a human with a sense of identification with a specific nationality, customs, and traditions.

A broader look at this topic can show that a person’s cultural background may depend not only on a country of origin but also on the culture this person feels connected with. It quickly happens in the age of globalization and affordable traveling. Of course, the Internet made its contribution to such a phenomenon.

Before you start writing a cultural identity essay, don’t be afraid of writing about your home region’s dull traditions and weird customs if it doesn’t match your cultural identification expectations. An essay about the culture that’s close to you is quite similar to a reflection essay. It requires not data but emotions.

Essay Topics & Ideas

Though one can identify oneself with any existing culture, most people feel connected to their homeland. Even if one has lived in this cultural context only for 3-4 years of slight consciousness in deep childhood, this person most likely would know and share this culture’s traditions. 

The topic choice for such an essay is not limited to telling about national traditions and specifics but often refers to it. That is why let’s look through some common topic ideas for a cultural identity essay. 

  • Real-life experience

    Feel free to recall any event that happened to you that proves your connection to a certain culture. It could be a local festival that made you feel love for the people around, or a route you’ve been going to school, or a thing that happened to you several times due to cultural aspects of that place.

  • Memorable location

    Choosing this vector while writing your essay on your identification culture means describing a particular place that evokes nostalgic or memorable emotions. Lucky people born in towns by the sea often recall the beach locations. It also can be a cafe, a city square, or even a street corner where you’ve been meeting with friends and family. Anything that defines you as a part of a culture will be significant.

  • Influential figure

    Each culture has a person who acts as the prominent retranslator of this culture’s main traits and ideas. This person can be a religious leader; a politician that made the nation united and prosperous; a poet that feels his time; a scientist whose breakthroughs make other people proud of it; or even a simple citizen who did some heroic deed under challenging times.

    Influential people can determine many people’s cultural background so writing about such a person is also a good option.

  • Place that matters

    It is a less personal choice as it could be a place culturally significant because of past events. You didn’t take part in these events but still consider this place to be important for you. Most often, it relates to city squares and buildings. However, if you have participated in a significant event connected to the place that matters, your text on cultural identity will become very special and incredibly unique.

  • Defining traditions

    Like with anything connected to traditions, you can have no idea that some of your habits are inherent only to your culture. It can be day nap, everyday wining and dining, or collective street cleaning. Anyway, write what comes to mind if this makes you feel a part of this cultural tradition.

  • Specific cuisine

    The cuisine is an excellent identificational marker. The way people prepare food, the way they eat it tells a lot about their personalities and culture. Maybe, you have some dining traditions you don’t even admit. It’s important to know that though we live in the era of globalization, the attitude towards food enormously varies from country to country or, more specific from culture to culture.

    Do a little research of your food habits, of your family’s traditional dishes, of your region’s specific ingredients. It all forms your cultural identity even when you pay no attention.

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Cultural Identity Paper Structure

While writing a cultural identity essay, you need to stick to the standard 5 paragraph essay structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.


As in many other academic papers, the introduction part of a cultural identity essay should tell the text’s central idea. Though it is important to catch the reader’s attention with something unusual or controversial, keep in mind that the main goal is to clarify what you are talking about.

It implies using a logical and coherent style of expressing your thoughts. Though an essay on cultural identity gives you freedom in choosing a form, you need to be clear to make your text readable and understandable.

Traditionally, you’ll need to make a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. It should be an idea that doesn’t answer the question but raises it. Feel free to use a rhetorical question as a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

The text length is not restricted, so you can write down more than three body paragraphs. You do not need to argue with your thesis statement but develop it in this part of your essay. Mostly, cultural identity essays consist of personal memories and beliefs reflected by a writer.

You can write a lot if it makes sense to the whole story. Sometimes it happens so that you need to avoid providing some details not to become a scribomaniac.


You’re not persuading the reader in something, so the conclusion is not about arguments but a summary. Summing up the logical chain of your thinking would be an excellent choice. There’s also no need to write something extraordinary in this part. The whole essay’s main point is to express your emotions about your cultural identification in textual form.

Tips for Writing a Culture Essay

It looks like the following tips are appropriate for many other academic papers, so it will undoubtedly come in handy for you after reading.

  • Create an outline. If you want to perform this task as quickly as possible and make it perfect, you need to start with creating an outline of your essay on cultural identity. It will bring the chaos of your thoughts into tidy order.
  • Use a stream of consciousness. Writing a stream of consciousness means writing down any thoughts without logical order, grammar, and punctuation. This technique will allow you to find several unexpected ideas concerning the topic and ease the process of writing.
  • Edit & proofread. Unfortunately, you cannot leave the text after the previous step without editing and get a decent mark. This step will be the easiest as you only need to bring the text into order using the outline.
  • Leave it for a while. It is hard to evaluate how good your essay is right after you finish writing. Reflective texts often need to be carefully revised from a logical point. And your logic will be more logical after you have some rest. If time allows, leave it to the next day.
  • Proofread & edit. Make an excellent thorough proofread to find grammar and spelling mistakes. Possible mistakes will hardly influence the sense of your text but will negatively affect its perception.

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