How to Write Brilliant Topic Sentences: Tips and Tricks. Good Topic Sentences Examples

How to Write Brilliant Topic Sentences: Tips and Tricks. Good Topic Sentences Examples
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write Brilliant Topic Sentences: Tips and Tricks. Good Topic Sentences Examples
  2. What Is Topic Sentence and Why Is It Important for Excellent Academic Essay?
  3. Ideas are the Key
  4. Explain the Written Content
  5. Don’t Forget About Transitioning
  6. How Long Is a Topic Sentence?
  7. Good Topic Sentences Examples
  8. Write Your Brilliant Topic Sentences in a Few Steps
  9. Tips for Creating Your Topic Sentence
  10. Final Thoughts

Students face the necessity to write lots of essays related to various subjects. Each essay has paragraphs. They explain the particular ideas the author wants to write about. Topic sentence helps to summarize all the information described in each section or page of your paper; the reader quickly understands what the author is going to say and why he has to continue reading. Topic sentence has some peculiarities. It is not so easy to write an excellent topic sentence, but you will learn how to write good topic sentences for various essays. Our simple guide will make your student’s life easier.

What Is Topic Sentence and Why Is It Important for Excellent Academic Essay?

The topic sentence expresses the main idea of the paragraph. Such element is important to the whole writing piece. It not only identifies the main idea of each paragraph; it also has a broader function. Topic sentence is similar to a thesis statement in an essay; it describes the subject of the writing piece in order to show what he is going to read about. These elements identify the particular part of an essay. For the paragrphs to be balanced add have direction, there should be a clear and strong topic sentence. Let’s look at the essential features of this element that help us to understand this element better.

  • Describe the major point of the section.
  • Acts as a transition between ideas of the paragraphs
  • Give a clear understanding of the content in the particular part of writing.
  • Provide transition function.

Ideas are the Key

Every author tries to explain some essential ideas to his audience; it can be a regular essay in the university or longer research work. Your writing means something and gives the readers the answers to their questions; think about the structure and place the key points evenly in the text. Topic sentence helps to explain what idea is next. If you read the paper, you understand that this paragraph will explain the particular concept and provide some arguments. This element highlights the subject of the section and content related to it.

Explain the Written Content

In fact, topic sentence not only shows the key idea but also uncovers the information from the following part of the paper. It must be broad enough to identify all arguments from the paragraph. It also must be clear and prices. You shouldn’t write about other parts of your essay or another piece; it is hard to find a balance and be specific with these statements. When you work with a sophisticated writing piece, you should be very attentive to details. Read your piece a few times. You may also re-write your topic sentences if you see they are not related to the subject. Take away some words if you see they explain ideas from another paragraph.

Don’t Forget About Transitioning

It is not the primary function of topic sentence, but you may use these elements as transitions from the previous part to the next one. It helps to connect the topic from one paragraph with the topic from another paragraph; you show the reader that your text has a good structure and each section is related to the previous one.

How Long Is a Topic Sentence?

There is no unique requirment to the length of the topic sentence. The main criteria is that is should be reasonable. The topic sentence is the main idea of the paragraph. Thus, it should be long enough to express that idea. But, avoid wordiness; it never helps. Write your topic sentence first and then edit it. Try to cut off the unnecessary words and information Make it clear, informative, and concise, i.e. succinct.

Good Topic Sentences Examples

We’ve already mentioned that these elements are crucial for a proper writing piece. They have some essential features that help to improve any paper. Don’t forget that each topic sentence has some components. We mean the topic and controlling idea. The combination of these elements helps to show the key argument of the particular part and give the reader additional information he will learn. We offer you a quick look at some examples of topic sentences with the explanation of the topic.

  • Professional cooking is a complex process that requires specific skills.

The topic is “professional cooking.”

The topic is “getting excellent education.”

  • Remodeling your home is exciting, but it requires designer skills and good taste.

The topic is “remodeling your home.”

  • There are many reasons people can’t succeed in the career.

The topic is “people can’t succeed in the career.”

  • Environmental pollution is related to humans’ contaminating activities.

The topic is “environmental pollution.”

Write Your Brilliant Topic Sentences in a Few Steps

Follow our step-by-step instruction that will help you to write excellent topic sentences in various papers.

  1. In the beginning, create a proper thesis in your writing piece. The thesis explains all the ideas you are going to write about in your essay; you have to summarize these ideas to create good topic sentences in each paragraph.
  2. Write down all your ideas. It will help you to identify why your work is essential and what thoughts you should mention in your topic sentences.
  3. Order your list items. Put all your thoughts in order. It will help you to create excellent structure when the next paragraph is related to the previous one. You will lead the reader through your writing piece and give him more arguments that prove your ideas.
  4. Make your topic sentences convincing. Answer the questions like “Do these statements explain the topic,” “Do they have a logical connection,” and “Does it make sense at all.”
  5. Check if your statements look like a road map for the readers. If you create a consistent paper, your audience will read it easily and smoothly. Look at your piece as a road map and make some changes if needed.
  6. Show your paper to someone else. If you want an objective opinion, you should give your paper with topic sentences to other people. They will provide some arguments that will help you to improve your writing piece.

Tips for Creating Your Topic Sentence

Follow these tips to make sure that your topic sentences are strong.
Topic sentence should:
  • be related to thesis statement
  • be the main idea of the paragraph
  • discuss only one idea or point
  • clear and succinct
  • grammatically correct
  • should be followed by supporting and controlling ideas
  • serve as a bridge between the previous and current paragraph

Final Thoughts

Topic sentences are crucial for any paper. You should learn how to write them properly. Try to make your work exciting to readers. You may provide hidden and not obvious arguments for well-known topics. Make your writing vivid and intriguing by placing the major ideas in your last topic sentence.

We hope you’ve got new information from our guide. We’ve tried to give you practical tips that make your essay writing more comfortable. If you are limited in time or have other reasons, you may give your assignment to our professional authors and editors. They know how to deal with the hardest tasks so that you will get an excellent paper and won’t waste a lot of time on it. Our pieces are copyright and plagiarism free. Don’t search for academic assistant; you’ve already found it!