Four Simple Steps on the Way to Writing a Good Editorial

Four Simple Steps on the Way to Writing a Good Editorial
Table of Contents
  1. Four Simple Steps on the Way to Writing a Good Editorial
  2. Easy Stages of Writing an Editorial

In just four simple steps, any student can develop an excellent editorial to persuade the audience in his own thoughts. It is critical to select one specific idea which matters for the modern community.

Writing such paper involves defining this term first. You may know that it has to do with sharing an opinion with a large audience. In academic language, writing an editorial is the process of developing a paper which serves as an opinion piece for newspapers, magazines, and study projects, either print or online. It is the strong way to defend one’s opinion on some issue or topic. Without an opinion, it would be an expository text. Writing such content is much easier, but it reflects no specific knowledge or research. Editorial writing is recommended whenever you have an aim of persuading a group of people in the correctness of your thoughts.

Building an editorial belongs to the persuasive sort of academic writing, so it has a lot in common with an argumentative essay.

Easy Stages of Writing an Editorial

The elements of persuasive paper are identified as the following:

  1. Powerful thesis statement (find out how to write a thesis statement for an essay)
  2. At least three arguments
  3. Primary and secondary sources as the powerful evidence
  4. Standard essay structure
  5. Specified paper format

Now, we can get back to discussing the steps of writing this assignment based on your unique opinion.

Stage 1. Think about the period of time when you aimed to persuade someone in your points of view supported by facts and your own observations. Did it work? If not, what may have gone wrong? Once you realize it, you’ll be able to change something in your editorial. Perhaps, your reader was a parent, peer, or relative. Now, your writing has to be presented to the expert in the face of your teacher. It makes a big difference. Your previous failures may serve as the cool tips. Find solutions based on the earlier experience. Read editorials written by some experts. They can be easily found online in the numerous samples of writing.

Stage 2. Search for the recent news to base your opinion on a really good topic. Look through topics for persuasive essays or argumentative essay ideas for inspiration. Give a specific tone for the entire paper. Work with the controversial facts as well. Your opinion should always have an opposite side of the coin. It’s impossible to imagine editorial writing without this side. In other words, each argument has to be opposed by some other points of view.

Stage 3. Preparing a paper of this kind should be supported by the knowledge of its elements except for the knowledge of topic:

  • Essay title
  • Topic/thesis sentence
  • Examples/Samples or facts to support the main opinion
  • Conclusion

Use the editorials you have collected to gather a useful piece of information from them.

Stage 4. Once you have done with the process of brainstorming and writing down each recently discussed topic, you may move to the writing process itself. First, prepare a strong thesis statement. Add the rest of the introduction sentences after developing the main opinion.

You may start with the recent news and talks. Catch an eye of your target reader by beginning with the shocking facts gained throughout your research. Mind that the problem you discuss should appear in each paragraph of your paper. Every paragraph must begin with a certain related argument and include the controversial point. The writer may share his original ideas in the editorial, but he should sound objective.

Don’t forget to insert possible quotations to support your main opinion. Adding a citation is a good sign as it proves that you have really mastered the course and read the proposed material. When it comes to a conclusion, make sure that your writing has proved your opinion by listing the arguments once again. Don’t forget to name all used sources at the end of your editorial.

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