How to Write Dialogue in an Essay

How to Write Dialogue in an Essay

Your essay is a story you're telling the readers. Sometimes you need to include some special emotions and details to describe a situation to make it brighter and well-understandable by the readers. A good idea is to make dialogues between people in your paper. It's possible to express various feelings using the dialogue from the point of the author. It's easy for readers to understand the characters' moods and feelings by reading the direct words they say. In this guide, we have gathered the most important rules and examples on how to write dialogue in an essay without problems. Follow simple advice and create successful papers fast!

The Definition of a Dialogue and its Types

A dialogue is a direct talking between two or more people in the essay, book, movie, story, etc. Authors include dialogues in their writing to show the characters by their direct words. The reader can easily understand the feelings and mood of all the people from the essay by reading their direct words. Of course, the books with included dialogues can make your writing more interesting to the readers.

It's possible to define two main types of dialogues. Below, you can see the definition with several examples:

  • Inner dialogue. Usually, a dialogue includes two or more characters but sometimes, it can take place in someone's mind. This is an example of the inner dialogue:

"I don't know if my sister is going to come to my wedding. She's not called or emailed me for many weeks. Will she ever forgive me?" Sarah wondered.

You can see this dialogue just in Sarah's mind because she's not telling these words to anyone else except herself. 

  • Outer dialogue. It's a typical dialogue that includes two or more people who talk to each other. Here are some examples:

"We must go to the concert next week, it promises to be great!" Mary exclaimed.

"Yes, I already booked tickets for my family and you know what? My kids are going to come next weekend, and they will go with us!" said Trevor. 

"Oh this is wonderful, probably we could gather and go there in our car," Daniel proposed.

How to Put Dialogues in Your Writing

A bright and interesting dialogue can show the situation to the readers from another angle. When you are reading a book with dialogues, it feels like watching some kind of movie. When you use a dialogue in your essay, it gives your readers the possibility to feel all the emotions between characters. But you have to remember there are several rules on how to write dialogue in an essay and punctuate it correctly. Keep reading our guide to learn all the rules and create a proper dialogue for your piece of writing. 

The Main Rules for Dialogues With Examples

Usually, all the dialogues must have quotation marks and certain punctuation. Read the rules below to write all the dialogues in your essay writing perfectly:

  1. How to use quotation marks when you want to write dialogue.

Please remember these three rules for using quotation marks:

  • Use double marks to highlight the words said by someone.

Example: When I entered high school, my mother said, "Now it's time for you to study well to get good knowledge and develop yourself".

  • Use single marks when you need to write direct words within a quote.

Example: "What did your brother want to say when he laughed 'Only poor people can buy this cheapy food'?" asked Diana.

  • When direct words from the one person you're going to include in your essay are longer than a paragraph, put opening marks at the beginning and closing marks at the end.

Example: John stretched his hand and whispered: "Yes, sure, I am going to visit him. "But do not expect something special because I am still very angry with him!"

  1. Rules of punctuation for dialogue in an essay.

  • When you're including a whole phrase said by someone, place a period inside the marks.

Example: Robin said: "How is Angela? I hope she's recovered from her illness."

  • If a character asks a question or exclaims something, you need to include it inside the marks.

Example: The girl asked: "Mom, can I go with my friends to the sea next weekend?"

  • Use a comma after words shouted, wondered, said, asked, and similar if they go before the direct quote.

Example: My brother said, "If you're going to marry her, I will not show up at a wedding."

  • When the author's words break the direct words of the character, separate these parts using commas.

Example: "I am so excited," she said, "I can't fall asleep because my birthday is tomorrow."

Try to remember all the rules above to write the dialogues properly. Without this, your dialogues can be hard to read and understand by your readers. We hope that our tips helped you to learn all the needed things about dialogues in an essay. 

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