How to Write a Process Analysis Essay: Guide with Useful Tips, Topics, and Examples

process analysis essay

There are many types of academic papers: argumentative, definition, cause & effects, and others, and one of the rare types is a process analysis. Describing a certain process is a common assignment for people studying technical sciences. Although many  students are afraid of writing such papers, it is not that difficult. To learn how to write a process analysis essay like a pro, read on to know its peculiarities, find topics, and see examples.

What Is a Process Analysis Essay?

The process analysis essay explains how the particular process occurs or how something is done. The whole process is divided into stages, which are explained in detail in  chronological and logical order. This type of writing is similar to expository essays. It allows the audience to follow the process that is described in a sequential order.

What Are the Types of Process Analysis Essays?

Process analysis essays are mostly divided into two basic types: directional and informational. 

  • Directional essay explains the process of doing something, for example, cooking recipes.
  • An informational essay provides detailed instructions on how something works, for instance, a description of how a coffee machine works.

How to Choose a Topic?

If you were not assigned a specific topic  and you have not idea what to write about, try this 

  1. brainstorm and write all the ideas that come to your mind
  2.  look around. Maybe there are some gadgets around you, and you know how they work?
  3. remember how you coped with some unusual or difficult situations in your lire
  4. think of your daily routine processes
  5. choose one topic that you understand and that is the most appealing to you
  6. ensure that you have all the sources necessary to describe the process
  7.  make a list of keywords
  8. ensure the topic has practical worth
  9. define the topic as focused research on a specific thing
  10. research and study more about your topic

Process Analysis Essay Topics Examples

Want to find ideas for process analysis essay topics? Use some great samples of topic ideas you may speak about in your process analysis:

  • How Jewish people pray;
  • How to cook dishes made of fish;
  • How to handle a headache;
  • How to prevent catching a cold;
  • How to install and use spy applications;
  • How to live with no modern capitalism;
  • How people can prevent civil wars from occurring;
  • How semantic memory plays an important role in psychoanalysis;
  • How can the society harness the benefits of recycling;
  • How gambling companies play on psychological needs;
  • How enzymes react when washing synthetic fabrics;
  • How the brain differentiate between all colors;
  • How to make new friends without alienating other people;
  • How psychological anxiety influences a person to smoke;
  • What successful cell meiosis involves;
  • How a plant responds to stimuli;
  • How mitosis occurs in all living cells;
  • How a cup of coffee stimulates the brain;
  • How to free yourself from harmful addictions through meditation;
  • How psychoanalysis releases mental traumas;
  • How to use Twitter by marketing companies to increase a customer database;
  • How viruses affect the human body and produce different diseases;
  • How germination occurs in seeds;
  • How governments can work together to survive a recession;
  • How plants respond to changing light settings;
  • How digestion leads to the proper absorption of nutrients;
  • How free radicals affect a human condition;
  • How to use effective veterinary tools to clean your pet;
  • How to succeed in your college with a limited budget;
  • How to become a perfect parent for kids;
  • How to identify a psychopath
  • How bad habits take control of biological systems;
  • How to survive the first day in your college;
  • How to effectively communicate with your boss;
  • How record companies can discover new music through social media tools;
  • How to find the best tenant through special analytical software;
  • How the immune system functions to protect the human body;
  • How homeostasis occurs;
  • How to conserve flowers in hot climates;
  • How to protect apes in dangerous environments.

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay Step by Step

 To write a process analysis essay, you should choose a topic and create a detailed outline. This way, you will make sure that nothing was left out. A professionally written process analysis essay is always detailed and thorough from beginning to end. The process analysis essay structure includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

However, the concluding part differs from the other essays. In it you will have to outline the process you describe and mention the expected results.  

To explain how something is done or how it works, mind the following process analysis organization/format:

  • In your opening paragraph, write about the actual process and prove that it makes sense and is significant to discuss;
  • In the body paragraph(s) mention the range of instruments, equipment, or resources required to complete the chosen process. Also, describe the process in detail step-by-step
  • Outline the entire process in sequential order and mention the expected results in the process analysis essay's conclusion.

1.Introduction. Each process analysis essay starts with an explanation of the actual process without unnecessary information. It should be a short paragraph that goes directly to the issue of the topic and provides the information related to it.   

2.Body. A body paragraph is devoted to equipment, resources, or tools needed for a particular process. Also, this part of the process analysis essay should involve information about the potential risks or possible side effects that may occur during the process. Moreover, it is highly important to remember mentioning some possible ways to finish a sequential process in case something went wrong.

3.Outline. A sequential process outline is a useful part of the process analysis essay as it helps the reader to understand the number of steps needed and what should be done at each stage. Sometimes, processes are rather complicated so that each stage consists of steps, and each step has a number of sub-steps. 

 Check the process analysis essay outline to make sure you do not miss any part of it.

Helpful Tips for Writing an Inforative Process Analysis

Follow these steps to make sure your essay is coherent and informative.
  • Brainstorm and choose the topic
  • Make sure you know all the peculiarities of the process
  • Ensure you know about possible side effects of the process
  • Divide the whole process into the steps
  • Present steps in a logical and sequential order
  • Create a clear structure of an essay
  • Use transitional words when describing the process (eg. first, second, then, after this, etc.)
  • Use appropriate vocabulary
  • Don't retell the whole process once again in the concluding part
  • Don't add new ideas or steps in the final part of an essay
  • Proofread essay for grammar, formatting, and stylistic mistakes

Process Analysis Examples

If you need an example, you may look through the process analysis essay examples to get inspired.

An essay about how to catch river crabs.

Another sample essay is about how to cope with stress.

Most often, process analysis essays are assigned to students who study technical disciplines, medicine, and sciences. Students who specialize in humanities may face this type of assignment too. This means that you should be ready to complete it or turn to academic assistance and have process analysis done for you.

There are many more topic ideas and free examples online, so read the best examples of process analysis essay to present the main ideas in your paper and achieve an excellent final result. 

Where to Get Expert Help 

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