College Essay Tips to Impress Any Admissions Committee

College Essay Tips to Impress Any Admissions Committee

Having good grades and high scores is important for a student to be selected for college. However, writing a strong admission essay always requires a great idea. A college essay might be the decisive element for students with similar scores. Even if you finished high school with honors and succeeded with the tests, you still need a strong college essay. Prestigious institutions evaluate their future students more comprehensively, and the essay allows the committee to see a personality in each candidate.

What Makes a Perfect College Paper?

Even if you think that you are not good with words, these useful college essay tips can transform your writing. A perfect college admission essay, in addition to your good grades, won’t be hard to create if you follow these simple rules:

  • Authentic and original. Try to include your specific experience and events in your writing.
  • Creative. Dig for creative approaches. Admission officers won’t be impressed by another text starting with a hook “It is not a secret…” Read the examples of successful students' essays for inspiration.
  • Relevant. Ensure that your writing is relevant to the questions asked. You should avoid losing the focus of your answer in any essay part.
  • Inspiring. Make your essay spark inspiration. You surely have some compelling ideas, so don’t forget to include them organically into the writing.
  • Specific and concise. Control the flow of your college essay. A reader shouldn’t get lost in the labyrinth of messy concepts and wordy sentences.
  • Coherent and logical. Remember that essays lacking logic will decrease your admission chances. Scan your essay to ensure that the ideas are coherent and well-connected.
  • Well proofread. Take time to proofread the final piece. Consider proofreading tools if you are not sure that the essay is free of mistakes. Even the slightest typo can make all your effort go to waste.

What Should I Include in a College Essay?

Since an essay to a selective college may potentially decide your future, you have to give it your undivided attention. These simple tips will help you with the content of the essay:

  1. Mind structure. First of all, always structure your essay! Write a compelling introduction, at the end of which, place a well-crafted thesis statement. Develop your thesis in the body paragraphs and sum everything up in the conclusion.
  2. Write about the things you care. A college essay is often the first opportunity for admission officers to get to know your personal side, so use it wisely! Explore the things you hold dear.
  3. Reflect and tell about your growth. You have to tell your story to the reader, so just summarizing various facts won’t do the trick. Describe your thoughts and feelings, show your progress!
  4. Provide details. It is very important to keep the intensity of details in balance. If the story is too general, it won’t be interesting; on the contrary, filling it with a lot of details will damage its flow and coherence.
  5. Answer the questions set and follow the instructions. Admission officers read dozens of papers every day, so they can easily notice when something is amiss.

What Should I not Write in My Essay?

Sometimes trying too hard to impress the admission officers can make an applicant fail. Fortunately, the reasons are very common and quite easily avoidable with these tips:

  • No fake stories. Creativity should be limited when it comes to composing fake stories. Even if it feels tempting, you should never lie in a college application essay.
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not. If you are not sure which strengths to highlight in the essay, ask your teachers, relatives, or friends. They will help you evaluate yourself and demonstrate the essential experience and personality traits.
  • No bragging. Self-confidence is crucial, but it is recommended that you find the fine line between demonstrating your best qualities and shameless bragging. Focus on your strengths and connect them to the values of colleges you are applying to.
  • Don’t get too personal. Undoubtedly, sharing personal experience and important events is one of the key points, but you need to understand where to stop. Limit yourself to only relevant facts of your biography.
  • Do not repeat the same idea. Repetitive texts are not well perceived, so make sure that you include enough fresh ideas throughout the essay.
  • No cliches. Cliche approaches to creating a college application essay are easy to use but may cost you the admission to selective colleges. There are a bunch of common cliches you should avoid, like heroic stories or reflections on your first encounter with death.

College Essay Example

Check the college essay example for your inspiration.

How Do I Start My College Application Essay?

Starting the essay is always the hardest part. Unless this is the feeling until you actually begin. Important here is not to overthink it. Here’s a couple of college essay tips on where to start:

  1. Read inspiring stories. If you don’t know where to begin, you may need a little push, some inspiration. Reading a success story of someone whose work you respect may give you just the right nudge.
  2. Brainstorm. Got inspired? Great! Now’s the time to brainstorm some ideas. Go through your experiences and think about what story would best fit the requirements and illustrate you in a positive light.
  3. Ask questions. For example, the Five Ws, may help you find what you’re looking for.
  4. Creating an outline can help you get ideas in order and become a solid backbone of your essay.
  5. Make a draft. Finally, don’t try to get everything right on the first try. Make a draft and edit it to craft a great college admission essay.
  6. Hook. Start your essay big. Your aim here is to captivate the reader’s attention from the first sentence. You can use different hook lines, be it an interesting fact, a question, a confession of sorts, or even a quote.

How Do I Make My College Essay Better?

The final round of writing starts when you’ve completed the essay. Give it another read and follow these few rules to refine your essay:

  • Keep it simple, specific, and concise.
  • Keep it focused. Make sure that it is to the point, and you stayed on topic.
  • Express and develop your ideas logically. Check if your ideas are logical and whether your essay is coherent and cohesive.
  • Make sure the vocabulary corresponds to the college level.
  • Be creative. Admission officers process a lot of essays, so yours have to be unique and creative to stand out.
  • Ask your friend for feedback. After you’ve checked everything, you may think that you’re ready to submit. You might be right, but it would be a good idea to ask someone else to read your final draft and give feedback.
  • Get into reader’s shoes. Imagine you are an admission officer who reads your essay. Is it great? Does it represent your best qualities? Would it make you stand out?
  • Start early. Remember that it takes time to write an assay of great quality, so it would be a great idea to start it as early as possible to avoid a tight deadline.
  • Keep calm and do your best!

Writing a college application essay may become a challenging process, even if you consider yourself an experienced writer. There are various important things you need to keep in mind to create an original and compelling piece of writing with structured paragraphs. Sometimes the stakes are too high and you can consider using professional help or advice. Visit if you need assistance with your college essay.