Top Tips For Writing The Best College Essay

Top Tips For Writing The Best College Essay

With millions of students applying for college each year, it is important to have an essay that stands out from the rest. When an admissions team is between two applicants with exactly the same qualifications, the essay makes all the difference when it comes to which applicant is admitted to the school and which is rejected. Consider our tips and research advice from other trusted sources such as The Princeton Review to make sure your writing is off to a great start.

Top 8 Tips

Brainstorm First. One of the most difficult things about writing a college essay is crafting something that is interesting and engaging to write about.

A good place to start is to think about topics and writing points which are related to what you know, such as your family, a specific trait or even an adjective that could be used to describe you as a student. Students can also discuss their education, a story which displays a certain attribute or a character-building experience.

Find Your Angle. Rather than just writing in a straightforward manner about an experience or topic, find a new and exciting angle that is rarely submitted. This is a guaranteed way to stand out and give you the edge over other applicants.

Just Write. Once there is a topic chosen, many students make the mistake of trying to write their final draft straightaway. Rather than doing that, students should let their writing flow, so it has a more natural feel. This will be edited and adjusted later, but it provides the original content needed to work with.

Develop The Various Parts. Students should introduce their college essay and their topic to catch the attention of the reader, craft the body and organize the ideas in a way which makes sense and flows well. The college essay should then finish with a conclusion that keeps the reader thinking about what they have just experienced.

An expert tip for developing the specific parts of the essay is to explain each aspect, so there are no questions left unanswered by the audience. You can find out how to write the college essay and create the structure with the help of WikiHow's "How to Write an Essay" guide.

Write Honestly. Rather than trying to please the admissions officers by writing in the way you think a good student should be writing, students should start by being honest with themselves.

Universities across the country are not interested in being appeased; they are interested in hearing about what makes a student unique and suited for their institution. A student having an honest voice of his or her own is something that is also championed in articles by Forbes.

Seek Out Valuable Feedback. Teachers and family members are a great sounding board for a college essay. They know the writer personally and will also be able to provide information about how they responded to the content in a more honest and helpful manner. This is essential for checking the flow of the paper and gauging how interesting the content is for the reader.

Review and Check Your Work. Having a typo or grammatical error in your college essay shows that there was not a lot of effort being put into trying to polish the work. This is not something college administrators or teachers want to see from their students. It is necessary to proofread, edit, check and then add corrections to the essay where they are needed.

Consider Professional Assistance. There are websites with professional writers which can make the college essay unique and easy to read so college admissions officer will take note. Using an expert service means it is guaranteed the work will stand out from the rest. is one of the most reliable options for professional essay writing. It is even possible to see samples of the work here. This is the easiest way to ensure the college essay has been carefully crafted to be impressive and that it is completely error-free.