Astounding 500-Word Essay Made Easy

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how to write a 500 word essay
Table of Contents
  1. Astounding 500-Word Essay Made Easy
  2. Defining a 500-Word Essay
  3. Topic for a 500-Word Essay
  4. Structuring a 500-Word Essay
  5. Writing a 500-Word Essay
  6. Formatting a 500-Word Essay
  7. 500-Word Essay Examples
  8. 500-Word Essay for You

Many people are telling you a 500-word essay is not this easy as it may seem. They're right, but this kind of paper is not as hard as they tell. Completing this task can be straightforward if sticking to the specific rules. You shouldn't be afraid of writing a 500-word essay because we've collected plenty of useful tips that would help you to master this captivating task. Fasten your seat belts!

Defining a 500-Word Essay

The name of a 500-word essay speaks for itself and means nothing more than a classic essay of 500 words. It is a perfect format for students to showcase their writing skills and way of thinking. Professors use these essays to understand the level of the students' abilities. A 500-word essay is also a popular format for a scholarship essay.

Such a length is essential for tasks revolving around a narrow topic. Unlike a 250 word essay, this paper word count compels a writer to develop the idea and leaves more room for analysis. Besides, you are not tempted by exploring too many concepts and making your paper about everything and nothing at the same time.

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Topic for a 500-Word Essay

First things first, it is hard to write even a 500-word essay without an appropriate topic. You're restricted with a word count, so the option to choose a broad theme like "The US in World War I" is not available. As said earlier, the format is a good fit for a narrow and specific essay topic idea.

If you are currently stuck in finding the perfect topic, we can give you some food for thought. Consider these ideas while working on your next paper.

  • What superpower do you wish you had?
  • What old television shows would you bring back?
  • How do you archive your life?
  • What are your favorite works of art?
  • Does the homework help you learn?
  • How much do you curse? Why?
  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • What sports teams do you root for?
  • What would your fantasy road trip be like?
  • What is your favorite summer movie?
  • How do you feel about zoos? 

Do not forget to convey detailed research on the chosen topic. It will aid not to repeat the others' ideas and show a new perspective on the theme. The word limit restricting from writing a lot is not a helper here. That is why versatile research will help you to better structure your thoughts.

Structuring a 500-Word Essay 

Before you start writing your essay, think of making an outline of the text. It will keep you in an established framework and not allow you to fall into uncontrolled graphomania. The writing is easy with the outline in front especially using the method of transition from general to specific.

Create a mind map, draw a scheme, or write down all points in a logical order. An outline will guide you through the writing process steps, so you will save time and won't forget what issues you want to include in the body of your essay.

A 500-word essay, like a magic trick from Nolan's film, consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. It is a prevalent structure of essay writing in general and of a 500-word essay in particular. Sticking to these three-act structure guarantees a coherent expression of thoughts and mundane readability. Let's take a closer look at each of these parts and tips on making them good.

01. Introduction 

Since the format requires you to be relatively brief, the introduction should express the essay's main idea. Make a thesis statement in this part alongside the essential information about your text. Don't think like you write for a professor but imagine an ordinary newspaper or social media reader. You need to engage this reader in your text from the beginning, so making a catchy introduction is always a good idea. It can be a joke (know your limits), a provocative question, an unexpected fact, or interesting statistics (with numbers).

02. Body

The body of your 500-word essay usually includes three paragraphs, which you can use to represent three of your arguments. Depending on your text's essence, you can choose different strategies for unveiling these arguments in the body paragraphs. 

These three paragraphs can be used for developing a conflict between your arguments, highlighting polar points of view on the topic or a consistent description of the equivalent pros or cons towards the theme.

03. Conclusion

This part will be a summary of your previous thoughts. Every word in the concluding part should result from the arguments given in the body part and a thesis statement in the introduction. You shouldn't recite the information from these parts but provide logical conclusions.

The concluding part of a 500-word essay confirms or refutes the thesis statement based on the arguments. Powerful thought or rhetoric questions in the closing paragraph will also be an excellent choice. We have more than one conclusion essay example in our database. Use them while writing this pat of your essay.

Writing a 500-Word Essay

Create a draft first. Start your essay with a draft after composing an outline. Leave this initial version for a day or at least a couple of hours. You will be amazed by some new perspectives on the topic you will develop after letting the draft "cool down."

Work on your thesis. If you have no strong thesis, your whole essay is in danger. An effective thesis statement presents the paper's main idea, preparing your readers for the content of the following body paragraphs.

Free tip: keep in mind that a 500-word essay is a task to check the way you think, so try to express your best while writing this paper. Structuring and outlining is a good decision but avoid overloading your thoughts with restrictions and let them realize. 

Formatting a 500-Word Essay

Luckily, the word amount is evident, but what about the other aspects? The basic rule of formatting any paper is to stick to the initial instructions. The most popular fonts are Times New Roman and Arial. Choosing a 12 point font size is also typical for academic writing.

Completing a 500-word essay will take you either 2 double-spaced pages or 1 single-spaced page regarding your requirements. As a rule, you should use the margins that are typical for a required format (i.e., APA, MLA, ASA paper format). Still, make sure to check essay instructions before you choose the format. Mostly, tutors present the formatting guide for this paper.

500-Word Essay Examples

Take a look at these 500 word essay samples to get a better understanding of the concept:


Check another sample essay on high school sports.

We’ve also prepared a great example of a scholarship essay to help you distinguish the main features of this task type more easily.


500-Word Essay for You

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