What Should I Write My Essay About? 170 Great Essay Topics for Everyone

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What Should I Write My Essay About? 170 Great Essay Topics for Everyone
Table of Contents
  1. What Should I Write My Essay About? 170 Great Essay Topics for Everyone
  2. What should I write my essay about?
  3. How to choose a great topic for your essay
  4. Great topic ideas for any essay type
  5. Argumentative essay topics
  6. Persuasive essay topics
  7. Expository essay topics
  8. Narrative essay topics
  9. Informative essay topics
  10. Cause and effect essay topics
  11. Compare and contrast essay topics
  12. Personal essay topics
  13. Classification essay topics
  14. Descriptive essay topics
  15. A list of essay topics  for everyone
  16. Good for high school
  17. Essay topics for middle school
  18. Good college essay topics
  19. Controversial essay topics
  20. Easy essay topics
  21. Funny essay topic ideas
  22. Top 2022 ideas for essay topics
  23. Having problems with choosing the right topic?

If you are reading this article, it means you have troubles choosing the topic for our essay. Here we are at your service. The article contains a list of 170 comprehensive topics for every course and academic level. If you need help in choosing the right topic, you can ask for 'writing my essay' assistance.

What should I write my essay about?

Writing an essay is half of the task, but choosing the right topic is another half and the very beginning of the writing process. Sometimes, the professor does not give you a specific topic and leaves its choice up to the student. At this point, you may face some problems, such as inability to choose the one topic from the thousands of interesting, no ideas at all, or the writer’s block. The writer’s block it’s the state when you cannot focus on your task, spend hours on the easy but barely write a line of your essay. To help you out, we have created a checklist to help you choose the right topic and prepared lists of topics ideas classified based on the essay types and academic level. 

How to choose a great topic for your essay  

Choosing the right topic might be a confusing process for many. Students sometimes choose the topic but cannot write a good essay on it as they lack information. Also, it happens that you have already covered all the aspects of the chosen idea, but have about 500 words left to meet the word count specified in the requirements. To avoid such pity situations and to choose a great topic, follow such steps.

  1. Read the essay instructions. The first type is to read the requirements to your essay. There might be some specific instructions specified by your professor, which you will have to follow to get a high grade. 
  2. Consider the essay type. There numerous different essay types, with each having its purpose. For example, when you are assigned a compare and contrast essay, you will need to compare to subjects and you cannot choose the same topic as for the informative essay in which you need to make the audience aware of the subject.  Thus, you should consider this factor when choosing your topic and check the instructions attentively.
  3. Mind the course and the audience. One of the most important requirements to any type of task is its relevance. When choosing the topic, make sure that it is relevant to the course and what you discuss in class.
  4. Brainstorm the ideas. Start choosing the process with brainstorming the ideas. First, write down all the ideas that come to your mind, then narrow down the list to several most interesting ideas.
  5. Make a research. Make a research on the chosen topic to make sure that there is enough information to write your essay and meet the word count.
  6. Create a title for your essay. Essay title should be catchy, engaging, and short. Make sure that it is also specific enough as well as relevant and informs the reader about what will be discussed in your paper. There is a special blog that will tell you how to title an essay on our platform.
  7. Draft a thesis statement. Create a strong thesis statement. It is the main idea of the whole essay; thus, it should be specific and not too broad. You may try to find some interesting aspects of the chosen topic online and cover them in your essay.

Great topic ideas for any essay type

As you might have already understood, the choice of the topic greatly depends on the essay type. It determines the structure of your paper as well as possible ideas that can be discussed in it. Thus, we have classified essay topics ideas based on the essay type to make it easier for you to find the right topic.

word topics written with different colour for every letter

Argumentative essay topics 

In an argumentative essay, the purpose of the writer is to present the existing arguments for or against the chosen topic. Here are some great ideas of argumentative essay topics.

  1. Education should be free for everyone
  2. Human cloning should be forbidden
  3. Should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  4. Summer homework should be canceled
  5. Smoking in public places in unacceptable
  6. Classical music helps simulate the mental activity
  7. Should social media websites be blocked in educational establishments?
  8. Should men and women receive equal salary?
  9. Does online education make the quality of education lower?
  10. Do mothers make better parents?

Persuasive essay topics

Persuasive essays are often mistakenly considered to be the same as argumentative essays. They are to some extent. However, the purpose of persuasive essays is not only to present arguments but to convince the audience to take the writer’s side regarding the topic. Here are some good persuasive essay topics.

  1. Should people with higher income pay higher taxes?
  2. Should fathers be able to take paternity leave?
  3. Who was the most effective US president?
  4. What was the main cause of the US Civil War
  5. Should people be allowed to keep aggressive breed dogs?
  6. What are the main causes of the greenhouse effect?
  7. Is online education as effective as traditional schools?
  8. Distorted body image on social networks negatively affects teenagers
  9. Mass media is a global brainwash
  10. Will AI totally replace man work?

Expository essay topics 

The term comes from the verb “to expose”. The purpose of the expository essay is to introduce the topic, explain, and discuss it. In this type of academic writing the author should use arguments and facts to clearly present and evaluate the topic. Check the possible expository essay ideas.

  1. Explain the consequences of unhealthy eating
  2. Describe the effects of marijuana on a human body
  3. What do you think are the main causes of teenage pregnancy
  4. What are the three things about your college you would like to change. Explain why
  5. Are you for or against death penalty? Explain why
  6. How do you understand the term morality?
  7. Explain how changing schools can affect a teenager
  8. How do you overcome your fears?
  9. What are the consequences of substance abuse
  10. Should women become bodybuilders? Why?

Narrative essay topics

Narrative essay is the type of writing in which the author tells (narrates) a story. Quite often these are personal stories. The purpose of the essay is not just to tell, but to present the importance of the described issue. 

  1. A situation when someone surprised you with their kindness
  2. How you fought your main fear
  3. The lost chance
  4. Your first trip
  5. Your attitude towards animal testing
  6. Funny or creepy story from a trip
  7. Your first love
  8. What reality show you would like to create
  9. What irritates you the most about yourself
  10. The book that impressed you the most

Informative essay topics 

Wonder how to write an informative essay? The purpose of the informative essay is to inform and make the reader aware of the topic. In an informative essay you are not supposed to persuade the reader or express your opinion. The main task is to inform.

  1. How to lose weight fast and safe
  2. Causes of high unemployment rate in the third world countries
  3. What is cybersecurity
  4. Music censorship
  5. Cancel culture
  6. Main causes of stress
  7. The outcomes of Global warming
  8. Causes of domestic violence
  9. The most popular TV series today
  10. What is racism

Cause and effect essay topics

The purpose of the cause and effect essays is to establish a causal relationship. It aims to understand the reasons why something happened and its outcomes. Check the possible topics:

  1. Why there are some many haters on Instagram
  2. How online dating has changed the traditional perception of relationship
  3. The effects of Coronavirus on ecology
  4. Mass media robs people of critical thinking
  5. The causes of emergence of German Nazism
  6. The effect of divorce on children
  7. The outcomes of unhealthy of lack of sleep in college students
  8. Life after cancer
  9. Main causes of patients visiting psychotherapist
  10. The way globalization affects the economy

Compare and contrast essay topics 

The main purpose of compare and contrast essay is to compare and contrast at least two subjects. To compare means to discuss similarities and to contrast means to analyze the differences. Read the list of compare contrast essay topics we prepared for our users.

  1. iOs vs Android
  2. Uber vs Taxi
  3. Online vs traditional education
  4. Marvel vs DC
  5. Extroverts vs introverts
  6. Bulimia vs anorexia
  7. Female vs male boss
  8. High school vs college
  9. Ethics vs morality
  10. Real vs online dating

Personal essay topics 

Personal essay is a type of writing that is autobiographical. It tells a story from the author's life and it has influenced them. In case you wonder how to start a personal essay, we are always ready to help you.

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a kind person?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. The things you are proud of doing
  5. The event that changed your life
  6. The most awkward situation in your life
  7. A movie that changed your perception of the world
  8. Who you consider a real friend
  9. The person who has the most impact on you becoming who you are today
  10. What is your worst character trait

Classification essay topics 

Classification essay is the academic writing the main purpose of which is to classify objects into groups based on some features. Here some good topics for a classification essay. Today, you can find a lot of “classification videos” on Instagram and TikTok.

  1. Child-parent relationship
  2. Instagram bloggers
  3. Essay types
  4. Types of character
  5. Music
  6. Drivers
  7. Styles in clothes
  8. Books
  9. Commercials
  10. Students 

Descriptive essay topics

A descriptive essay is the type of writing in which an author describes their feelings, memories, and shares thoughts. Usually, students like this type of essay, as they have minimum requirements

  1. Pleasant surprise you did not expect
  2. Your favourite movie character
  3. The greatest person in the US history
  4. Trending TV series
  5. The very first memory you remember
  6. Describe you favourite place
  7. The most impressive fashion model
  8. How the author describes your favorite book character
  9. The most beautiful US tourist destinations
  10. Your first trip

A list of essay topics  for everyone

If the essay type is not the main criteria, we have prepared lists of topics based on the academic level and some relevant essay topics

Good for high school

  1. Is homework helpful or harmful?
  2. How poverty impacts people
  3. The effect of deforestation on or planet
  4. Countries with the highest/lowest literacy levels
  5. How reading improves mental activity 
  6. The outcomes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack
  7. White lies
  8. Types of Diabetes
  9. Is American dream still alive?
  10. What is a cybercrime?

Essay topics for middle school

  1. The most corrupt countries in the world
  2. What is mercy
  3. How stress affects health
  4. Ways to protect the environment
  5. Why recycling should become a way of life
  6. How women are presented in American literature
  7. Is American dream still alive?
  8. Main causes of anorexia among girls
  9. For or against capital punishment
  10. Race and ethnicity are the same thing?

Good college essay topics

  1. Ways to avoid bullying at school
  2. How to become a better student?
  3. Should there be a border wall between the US and Mexico?
  4. The main causes of stress among college students?
  5. How happy relationship impact people
  6. What are the consequences of plagiarizing in college
  7. Should sex education be compulsory in college?
  8. The most common outcomes of strikes
  9. The concept of self made man in Forrest Gump
  10. Main causes of diabetes in the US

We have the whole blog with research topics for college students. You may find something appropriate for your essay.

Controversial essay topics

  1. Does Internet improve or worsen the quality of education
  2. Euthanasia: a human right or a homicide?
  3. Should abortion be made legal around the globe?
  4. Should rape victims make abortions?
  5. Is vegetarianism really healthy?
  6. Should school graduates enter college or take a year off first?
  7. Do men make better bosses?
  8. Should women choose between career and maternity?
  9. Is a diploma a guarantee of a higher salary and better life?
  10. Do TV series affect people’s perception of the world?

Easy essay topics

  1. What makes a good leader?
  2. What tolerance means to you
  3. Do you consider milk harmful?
  4. What is a healthy lifestyle for you?
  5. Does music you listen to determine your mood and perception of the words?
  6. The impact of smoking on a pregnant woman
  7. Why it is effective to combine mental and physical activity 
  8. Instagram influencers
  9. How music helps to concentrate
  10. The main causes of obesity among teenagers

Funny essay topic ideas

  1. What would you do if you wake up a girl/boy
  2. What animal you would like to be
  3. The funniest story from a summer camp
  4. Pepsi or Cola?
  5. What would you change if you became a president?
  6. The most common stereotypes about Americans
  7. School dropouts that become millionaires
  8. The most famous movie fails
  9. Instagram bloggers that become millionaires before 18
  10. The world famous top models

Top 2022 ideas for essay topics

  1. Trump vs Biden
  2. The reason and the outcomes of the Black Lives Matter
  3. How the COVID-19 has harmed the global economy
  4. Is Cancel culture toxic?
  5. The global events canceled due to global lockdown 2020
  6. Global lockdown 2020 as the main reason of the increased divorce rates in 2020
  7. Is COVID-19 manmade?
  8. Will our lives be the same after the Coronavirus
  9. The effects of COVID-19 on education
  10.  How the Coronavirus has affected the environment

Having problems with choosing the right topic?

Too many topics to choose from? Not good at writing? Don’t have time for your essay? Just ask write my essay. We have a team of professional and experienced writers. Send us your instructions, and the professional writers will help you choose the topic and write the paper following your instructions to the letter.