170 Unique Ideas for Research Paper Topics + Professional Tips on Topic Choice

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170 Unique Ideas for Research Paper Topics + Professional Tips on Topic Choice
Table of Contents
  1. 170 Unique Ideas for Research Paper Topics + Professional Tips on Topic Choice
  2. How to start a research paper
  3. What are 5 parts of a research paper
  4. What determines a good research topic
  5. How to choose a good research paper topic
  6. 1. Check the instructions assigned
  7. 2. Identify the area of your interest
  8. 3. Brainstorm the ideas
  9. 4. Consider the audience
  10. 5. Conduct research on the topic
  11. 6. Formulate research questions
  12. Types of research questions
  13. 7. Create thesis statement
  14. 8. Draft an outline
  15. Best research paper topics for 2022
  16. High School research paper topics
  17. College research paper topics
  18. Easy research paper topics
  19. Interesting research paper topics
  20. Controversial research paper topics
  21. Current events 2020 research paper topics
  22. Persuasive and argumentative research paper topics
  23. History research paper topics
  24. Art and culture research paper topics
  25. Education research paper topics
  26. Sociological research paper topics
  27. Ethics research paper topics
  28. Science and technology research paper topics
  29. Business, economics, and politics research paper topics
  30. Religion research paper topics
  31. Family issues research paper topics
  32. Social media research paper topics

You thought that actual research paper writing is the most difficult stage in writing a research, but got stuck at the very first stage, which is choosing the topic? Do not worry, professional writers at Write My Essay For Me are at your help. We have prepared an article with the most helpful tips on choosing the pertinent research paper topic as well as a comprehensive list of topic ideas for any subject and academic level.

How to start a research paper

To write your research paper fast and effectively, create a plan. First of all, make sure you understand what a research paper is, its structure, and requirement, then make sure you understand the instructions, choose good research paper topics, create an outline, and draft your research. In case you don’t know the research structure or have difficulties choosing the topic and essay title, this article will be of help for you. We recommend reading one more blog. It will tell you how to come up with an essay title.

What are 5 parts of a research paper

Research paper is an academic assignment that differs from essays. Although its content is to some extent similar to the analytical paper, five paragraph structure does not apply in this case. A research has its unique components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Literature review
  4. Discussion and analysis 
  5. Recommendations

These are the most common components of the research paper. But, they may differ. Thus, always check the instructions. Professors often ask to add an abstract or an executive summary, and conclusion. In case you do not know what is an abstract, you will find a definition and its writing guidelines in another blog we prepared for our users.

What determines a good research topic

Before choosing a good topic for your research paper, you should understand what a good topic is. There are several factors that determine it.
1. It is relevant to the course
2. It is chosen based on the assigned instructions
3. It is unique
4. It is up-to-date

How to choose a good research paper topic 

When you know what determines a good research topic, follow these steps to find the right one for your paper.

research paper topic described step by step

1. Check the instructions assigned

The first step in paper writing is understanding your task. Do not ignore this stage, as in case you miss some details, you might get a low grade or have to rewrite the whole assignment. Thus, read all the details, and if something is not clear, clarify those details with your professor.

2. Identify the area of your interest

If you were not given a specific topic, you have the chance to choose it by yourself. It is important to write about something that is interesting for you. As you will be motivated and will make better research.

3. Brainstorm the ideas

The first step in choosing the topic for your research is brainstorming. First, write down all the ideas that come to your mind. If you do not have ideas, you can check some lists with research paper ideas online. After this, narrow down the list, leaving only those topics you like the most.

4. Consider the audience

For sure it is important to choose the topics you have passion for, as it will help you to write a better research. But another crucial factor is considering the audience. The topic you choose should be relevant in terms of the course you are writing it for.

5. Conduct research on the topic

When you have already made your mind, and the topic is chosen, conduct a research on that idea. First of all, you will find out whether there is enough information available to cover the topic. If it is relevantly new, there might be little info; thus, you’ll have to change the topic. Apart from that, when making a research, you may find some new information or interesting facts.

6. Formulate research questions

Creating research questions is an important stage in research paper writing, and it cannot be missed. A research question is the one the author is going to answer in the research paper. There can be several questions, but try not to exaggerate with their quantity.

Types of research questions

There are different types of research questions. They differ based on the type and intent of the research. In general, there are 3 most common types of research questions.

1. Comparative research questions. They are often referred to as observational or relational. This type of questions is used when the purpose of the research is to compare two or more things, notions, facts.
2. Causal research question. They are used when the author of the research aims to establish cause-effect relationships between the things or notions.
3. Descriptive research question. This type of questions is used when the aim of the research is to describe or explain something.

7. Create thesis statement

Another important step is creating a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your research. Thesis statement should be clear, specific, and debatable. Do not use some bare facts or quotes as a thesis statement, as it should be paper specific.

8. Draft an outline

Before writing the research, draft an outline. Formulate the main idea per each research part. When writing the research, you will not need to think about what to write next, you just follow an outline.

Best research paper topics for 2022 

If the professor has left the choice of the research paper topic up to you, but you have problems choosing a good one, check our list of research paper topics. You may take the one and start writing or the list might serve as an inspiration for you. All the topics are divided into groups based on the academic levels and the subjects for your convenience.

words off/on topic written on wooden cubes

 High School research paper topics

  1. The concept of self-made man as presented in Forrest Gump
  2. Why Marvel is so popular today
  3. Books/films prohibited in some countries
  4. Should there be subjects dedicated to environment protection at schools?
  5. Social networks should be prohibited in educational establishments
  6. Why ancient civilization artifacts are so important 
  7. Ecological disasters that have affected the environment the most
  8. The peculiarities of Andy Warhol’s art
  9. Factors that contribute to increased aggression among teenagers
  10. Causes and outcomes of the Great Depression

College research paper topics

  1. What is the difference between high school and college?
  2. Obama vs Trump’s contribution to the US development
  3. Is American dream still alive?
  4. Famous pieces of art in commercials
  5. How movies from generations
  6. US-China relationship
  7. Should college students get part-time jobs or focus on education only?
  8. How to keep balance between college, private life, and job?
  9. Unhealthy ways to cope with stress
  10. How Islam is represented in films after 9/11

Easy research paper topics

  1. Instagram bloggers that became millionaires before 18
  2. Countries that care of ecology the most
  3. Are older people always wise?
  4. Healthy ways of coping with stress
  5. How to deal with procrastination?
  6. Books that change lives of people
  7. How social media changes perception of things
  8. If they say milk is harmful, why was it considered healthy before?
  9. Is fast food the main reason of the opioid crisis?
  10. Is Nacizm possible today?

Interesting research paper topics

  1. Is it possible for a family to survive on a minimum wage?
  2. How have family values changed over time in the US
  3. Are Instagram bloggers real influencers?
  4. Is blogging a real profession?
  5. Should social media be banned in educational establishments?
  6. Is emotional intelligence as important as they say?
  7. Change in family values in the 21st century
  8. Why so few people want to get married today
  9. What is that special in millennials’ way of thinking
  10. New professions that are in demand due to Instagram and TikTok

people conducting research

Controversial research paper topics

  1. Should parents be allowed to spank their children?
  2. Doctor assisted suicide: help or homicide?
  3. Is COVID-19 man made?
  4. Abortion is the woman’s right or a crime?
  5. Should recreational marijuana be allowed in all the states?
  6. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?
  7. Pros and cons of animal testing
  8. Is capital punishment fair?
  9. Should immigrants be given the same rights as the residents?
  10. Is vegetarianism really healthy?

Current events 2020 research paper topics

  1. Influence of the Affordable Care Act on the US health system
  2. The consequences of the  Coronavirus pandemic for the global economy
  3. The relationship between the global lockdown 2020 and increased divorce rates
  4. Lessons learnt in 2020
  5. How has COVID 19 affected the environment
  6. The causes and the outcomes of the Black Lives Matter movement
  7. Cancel culture principles
  8. Main issues of the US Presidential elections 2020
  9. The results of the Trump presidency
  10. Ecological catastrophes 2020

Persuasive and argumentative research paper topics

  1. Should death penalty be introduced in every state?
  2. Should teenagers be given the same rights as adults?
  3. Obligatory school uniforms will help reduce the number of cases of bullying
  4. Animal testing should be legally punished
  5. Idealized body image in social media negatively influences teenagers’ self-esteem
  6. Internet makes people smarter or more stupid?
  7. Women and men should be given equal rights at all the levels
  8. Social media does not fulfill its main purpose - to inform by providing objective information
  9. Should celebrities be given priorities?
  10. One is not born a leader already.

There are many more argumentative essay topics for students everybody can read on our platform. Just make time and come up with a creative idea.

History research paper topics

  1. The main causes and outcomes of the Cold War
  2. Hiroshima and Nagasaki repercussions
  3. Milestones in the US history
  4. The US Civil War results
  5. History of Nazism
  6. The contribution of Martin Luther to the US history
  7. Boston Tea Party
  8. The main causes of the World War I
  9. Greek vs Roman civilization
  10. The Vietnam war

Interesting topics are topics connected with history. That's why we advise you to look through one more blog with research topics in history.

Art and culture research paper topics

  1. Andy Warhol as the founding father of the pop art
  2. How globalization affects culture?
  3. The history of evolution of music in the US
  4. The most iconic movies’ soundtracks
  5. Rap culture as the lifestyle
  6. How American/Russian culture is presented in movies
  7. Sexism in modern commercials
  8. Advertisements as a masterpiece
  9. The use of world-famous masterpieces in commercials
  10. The US cultural icons

Education research paper topics

  1. Who has invented homework?
  2. The effects of Coronavirus pandemic on the quality of education
  3. Does online learning offer the same quality of education as traditional schooling
  4. Should sportsmen receive scholarships?
  5. Do standardized tests really help evaluate the student’s skills and knowledge?
  6.  Are same sex schools more effective in the 21 century?
  7. Should High School students be allowed to study only those subjects they choose?
  8. The outcomes of No Child Left Behind act
  9. Should sex education be obligatory in schools?
  10. Do public and private schools offer the same quality of education?

Sociological research paper topics

  1. Peculiarities of interracial marriages
  2. Identity theft: causes, outcomes, prevention
  3. The evolution of role of women in society over years
  4. Does race influence career success?
  5. Do technologies promote socialization or make people lonely?
  6. Social media as one of the main causes of depression among teenagers
  7. Types and causes of bullying 
  8. Sex education in schools pros and cons
  9. How to prevent teenage pregnancy
  10. How fast food affects the society

Keep in mind that we have the whole blog dedicated to sociology essay topics. Create an outstanding topic that will impress your teacher.


Ethics research paper topics

  1. Ethics behind animal testing
  2. Should euthanasia be made legal?
  3. Ethics behind 3D-printing in medicine
  4. Is organs transplantation after death ethical?
  5. Doctor-patient confidentiality violation
  6. The woman’s right for abortion
  7. Ways to reduce human trafficking 
  8. Is stem cell research ethical?
  9. Ethical issues in social media
  10. Child labor

Science and technology research paper topics

  1. How texting affects literacy levels
  2. Long-term health effects of living in the world of technologies
  3. How Google affects the literacy level
  4. The notion of information age
  5. What age is the most appropriate for a child to start using a smartphone?
  6. The milestones of technological development in the 21 century
  7. The impact of technologies on education
  8. Technologies and globalization
  9. At what point will AI replace manwork
  10. Self driven vehicles: pros and cons

Business, economics, and politics research paper topics

  1. Is it possible to start business without capital and connections?
  2. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on small business
  3. What is the biggest and the most prosperous business economy today?
  4. Developed vs developing countries
  5. What is more profitable in 2020 traditional or e-business?
  6. The reasons behind growing popularity of the stock markets
  7. Trump presidency outcomes
  8. Social media as a business promotion tool
  9. Most successful business models
  10. How culture affects business development

Religion research paper topics

  1. Women in different religions
  2. Most common stereotypes related to Islam
  3. Similarities in different religions
  4. Religion and church are the same thing?
  5. Should there be one religion?
  6. Reasons behind the popularity of atheism
  7. Biblical motives in books and movies?
  8. What was the aim of Martin Luther?
  9. Government and church
  10. Why are young people less religious than the older generation?

Family issues research paper topics

  1. Peculiarities of child upbringing in same-sex couples
  2. Should parents be allowed to spank their kids?
  3. Main rules of upbringing mentally healthy children
  4. When children should learn that they be adopted
  5. Impact of father-daughter relationship on the girl’s adult life
  6. How divorce affects children
  7. Can children receive all they need from a single parent?
  8. Does feminism affect families
  9. Countries where paternal leave is a norm
  10. What makes a happy family today

Social media research paper topics

  1. Social media as one of the main source of increased depression and stress levels among teenagers
  2. Is online dating the same as face-to-face meeting
  3. How social media affect children
  4. Why people get obsessed with likes and number of followers on social media
  5. Sexism and ageism in social media (Consult: essay on social media)
  6. What would happen if Instagram disappeared?
  7. The effect of social media on our choices and daily lives 
  8. Should children be allowed to use social media at schools
  9. Use of social media in HR
  10. Most common bias in social media 

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