130 Relevant and Compelling Sociology Research Topics and Tips How to Choose the Best One for You

130 Relevant  and  Compelling Sociology Research Topics and Tips How to Choose the Best One for You
Table of Contents
  1. 130 Relevant and Compelling Sociology Research Topics and Tips How to Choose the Best One for You
  2. What is sociology
  3. What topics are covered by sociology
  4. The importance of choosing the right topics for the sociology research project
  5. Tips on how to choose a good topic for sociology research
  6. Great Ideas for sociology research topics
  7. Sociology research paper topics for college students
  8. Interesting sociology research topics
  9. Race, nationality, ethnicity
  10. Children and teenagers
  11. Family relations
  12. Medicine and health
  13. Social issues and cultural biases
  14. Social media
  15. Gender and sexuality
  16. Technologies
  17. Social movements
  18. Food and eating habits
  19. Culture, art and music

When faced with writing a sociology research paper, students often think that finding relevant data will  be the main issue. But, if your professor has left the choice of the topic for you, that might be a challenger. Sociology covers a wide range of issues. They are all rather involving and specific. Thus, it might be difficult to choose the one. If you need help with the choice of the topics for a research paper in sociology, the article will explain how to choose the best  topic for you and offer a list of relevant and compelling topics to choose from.

What is sociology

 Sociology is a study that investigates human behavior. It focused on human behavior, groups, movements, cultures, customs, and practices. The purpose of this study is to investigate society in its entirety in terms of human activities.

  What topics are covered by sociology

All the topics that this discipline investigate are numerous, and the list would take a separate article. But, the most common topics covered by sociology are family, family issues and relations, children and teenagers’ behaviour, different social movements, gender and sex issues, race, nationality, and entnicity, religion and spiritualism, habits, solial issues and cultural biases, economics, eating habits, disorders, social and mass media, deviant behavior, etc.

The importance of choosing the right topics for the sociology research project

You might mistakenly consider that choosing a topic is the easiest task in the writing process. Well, it is not, as your whole research paper depends on the topic and issues you have chosen. Thus we recommend to take your time and choose the topics for your research wisely.

Tips on how to choose a good topic for sociology research

We have collected tips from professionals that will help you in choosing the topic for your research project if it was not assigned by your professor.

  1. Brainstorm and write down all the ideas that come to your mind
  2. Look for the list with topics ideas online
  3. Consider the topics you have discussed in class
  4. Think of the current social issue
  5. Of the whole list choose up to 5 topics
  6. After this, make a small research and check whether there is enough information about the topic to write your research paper
  7. To make your topic more specific, create a thesis statement for your work
  8. If you feel that the topics is rather broad for your paper, narrow it down by discussing only some its aspects or contexts
  9. After  you have chosen your topic, conduct an extended research.

Great Ideas for sociology research topics 

Still don’t know what to write about? Check the list! We have created a list with the most interesting and common sociological topics and divided them into subcategories for your convenience.

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Sociology research paper topics for college students

  1. Influence of sports on mental activity
  2. Types of bullying today
  3. Peculiarities of suicidal behavior
  4. Is emotional intelligence as important as they say?
  5. Are men better professionals than women or it’s just a stereotype?
  6. Causes and results of abusive marriages
  7. Should same same couples be allowed to adopt kids?
  8. Time we spend on phones
  9. Ethic behind animal testing
  10. Does recycling help save the planet?

Interesting sociology research topics

  1. Self-identification issues among teenagers
  2. Should children under 18 be allowed to work?
  3. Y vs Z generations
  4. Psychology of millennials
  5. Social media and video games as a cause of aggression among teenagers.
  6. Effects of child abuse
  7. Should children be allowed to change name?
  8. Results of cross-culture adoption
  9. Ageism in advertisements
  10. Effects of global lockdown 2020 on the world

Race, nationality, ethnicity

  1. Race-based bias at the workplace
  2. Interracial marriages: pros and cons
  3. Is there a relation between race, nationality and wellness
  4. Spheres of life where discrimination based on race is booming
  5. Stereotypical attitude toward Mexicans in the US
  6. Racial stereotypes that ruin people’s lives
  7. Does nationality influence career development?
  8. Tolerance as an important social feature
  9. What makes a nation?
  10. Nation vs race.

collectig data about people

Children and teenagers

  1.  Does homeschooling affect the quality of education?
  2.  Does homeschooling hinder the socialization of children?
  3. Buying behavior of teenagers today and 10 years ago
  4. Instagram influencers under 18 who have become millionaires 
  5. Online vs traditional schooling
  6. Should children wear a school uniform
  7. Importance of sex education
  8. Teenage pregnancy causes
  9. Reasons behind children aggression
  10. Should teenagers be treated as adults?

Family relations

  1. The influence of divorce on children
  2. How single parenting affects child’s self perception
  3. Peculiarities of parenting in LGBT families
  4. The influence of father-daughter relations on girl’s perception of the world
  5. Effects of single parenting
  6. Causes of early pregnancy
  7. Can distant relationship be considered real
  8. Should parents upbring children by themselves or ger a nanny?
  9. Is it ok for man to take pregnancy leaves
  10. Same sex couples as parents

Medicine and health

  1. The effects of COVID-19 on human health
  2. Is vaccination healthy?
  3. Is vegetarianism really healthy?
  4. Milk is harmful for adults or it's just a myth?
  5. How sugar consumption affects our health
  6. Is transplantation of organs ethical?
  7. Healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with stress
  8. What makes people become addicts
  9. Effects of lack of normal sleep
  10. What is considered healthy food today?

Social issues and cultural biases

  1. Gender roles in the United States
  2. Freedom of speech: are these only words?
  3. Women rights and movements
  4. Drawbacks of prison system
  5. Influence of age stereotypes on employment
  6. Should women choose between family and career?
  7. The most common stereotypes about Americans
  8. Gun control 
  9. Gender roles stereotypes
  10. Consumerism today

Social media

  1. Should public figures demonstrate their private life?
  2. Cancel culture is a new type of bullying?
  3. Is social media a reliable source of information?
  4. Instagram as a source of aggression among teenagers
  5. Influence of social media on body image
  6. How social media creates fake reality
  7. Social media makes people lonely
  8. The reasons behind popularity of TikTok
  9. Instagram vs TikTok
  10. Are Instagram influencers real influencers

Gender and sexuality

  1. Glass ceiling. Does it still exist?
  2. Difference in wages based on gender
  3. Should men and 
  4. Sexual expression in 21 century
  5. Similarities and differences between radical and liberal feminism
  6. Polyamory and free love are the same thing?
  7. Importance of sexual education at schools
  8. How can parents prevent early pregnancy of their children
  9. Legalization of same-sex marriages in different states
  10. Gender roles in family


  1. Is life possible without messengers and social media in 21 century
  2. Cyberbullying in the 21 century and how to avoid it
  3. How social media and messengers have changed communication
  4. Issues raised by dating apps and websites
  5. Are social networks secure
  6. Career opportunities provided by the internet
  7. The ethics behind AI
  8. Why is  IT field prosperous?
  9. Pros and cons of online communication
  10. Is online dating a norm yet? 

Social movements

  1. Black Lives Matter movement
  2. Causes of race riots and their aim
  3. Hippies vs hipsters. Are there any resemblances?
  4. Reasons behind Black Lives Matter movement
  5. LGBT parades
  6. The most influential social movements
  7. Gay rights
  8. Is nacism possible today?
  9. Anti-nuclear movements
  10. Social movements that have changed history

Food and eating habits

  1. Skinny is no longer a trend?
  2. Over and undereating as unhealthy ways to cope with stress
  3. Causes of child obesity
  4. Outcomes of Obama care
  5. Recreational marijuana: pros and cons
  6. Are fast foods a real reason behind obesity
  7. Fast food-fast life
  8. Popular food trends
  9. Does food play a role in cultural identity?
  10. Quality food improves quality of life

Culture, art and music

  1. Rap culture as the lifestyle
  2. The influence of classical music on human behaviour
  3. Self-expression in modern art
  4. How does the music genre influence the way people dress?
  5. Controversial art trends 
  6. Has globalization affected art either?
  7. The role of music in forming cultural identity
  8. How does music affect teenage behavior
  9. Why do women like watching romantic comedies?
  10. Lifestyle determines the music people listen to 

We hope that the article have helped you and you now understand the process of choosing a topic for your paper as well as have chose the one for your research. If you want to leave this task to the professional, use online writing services. Our experienced writes will choose the topics according to your instructions and  complete an A+ paper withing yout deadline.