180 Top History Research Paper Topics

180 Top History Research Paper Topics
Table of Contents
  1. 180 Top History Research Paper Topics
  2. What is a history research essay
  3. What to write about in a history research paper
  4. How to choose a relevant topic for a history research paper
  5. Ideas for a good history research essay
  6. History research paper topics for college students
  7. Controversial history research paper topics
  8. Interesting history research paper topics
  9. Ancient History Topics
  10. Middle ages history research paper topics
  11. World history research paper topics
  12. WWI History topics
  13. WWII History topics
  14. European history
  15. US history research paper topics
  16. American revolution history
  17. US Civil War
  18. Cold War history research paper topics
  19. Immigration
  20. Religion and  ideology
  21. 20th and 21st history research paper topics
  22. Modern history research paper topics
  23. Art history research paper topics
  24. Outcomes

If you are a college student, you are a lucky one to get tens or even more research papers per one academic week. When you are attending just one class it is quite possible to gain all the needed material and write the required papers on time. However, when you get several assignments from different professors, it is rather hard to deal with such academic workload without spending long nights with books. To keep your mind clear and sharp, you can skip the long-lasting process of googling the best idea for the history research paper topics as our experts have already done it for you. You may have a look at the most interesting history essay topics gathered in one article and move forward paper writing. 

What is a history research essay

Research paper in History is devoted to the analysis of the primary and secondary sources with the aim of answering a central research question. In other words, you should create an argumentative thesis statement for your paper and do an  in-depth research for thesis-driven writing that will prove your point. 

What to write about in a history research paper

When it comes to the history research essay, you should keep in mind such questions:
  • Why the topic matters?
  • How the topic relates to the period under discussion, compared to its importance today?
  • What is the context of the paper?
  • Why did the idea used in your paper matter to the people at that time?

How to choose a relevant topic for a history research paper 

To develop a proper historical research question, students should focus on it early in their research process. The best way to choose a history research topic for your paper is to follow such steps:

 1: Brainstorm for best ideas for History essay topics
 2: Read background information
 3: Focus on the topics of your interest  
 4: Create a keywords list   
 5: Stay flexible in research
 6: Consider a chosen historical research topic as a focused research question.

Also, students should keep in mind that each history research topic should meet all the assignment requirements. In case you doubt the chosen topic, you may ask your professor to give some feedback. Moreover, it is rather hard to do valid research on the historic area that is uninteresting to you. Although it may seem obvious, but to make your research engaging, you should consider the scope of the chosen topic and make sure it is the topic of your interest. 

Ideas for a good history research essay

If you have any problems with papers on History, our writers gathered a trending list of good history research paper topics for a college student. We divided the best ideas for research topics in History into sections to ease your search process and help you find an excellent one fitting the best for your subject. 

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History research paper topics for college students

  1. Historical Pragmatics
  2. Nationalism as a major issue of the 20th century
  3. Great Depression in the United States
  4. Significant technological advances and inventions of the 20th century
  5. Best presidential speeches of the 20th century
  6. The impact of Balkan wars on the map of Europe
  7. Holocaust as the worst crime in the History of Europe
  8.  History of Asian Soviet countries
  9. Abolishment of slavery in the USA: causes and evidence
  10. Leaders of the Revolution in the United States

    Controversial history research paper topics

    1. Causes of the major waves of immigration from Syria
    2. Reasons for nationalism's failure in becoming the original source of identity in the Arab League
    3. The fall of Constantinople is considered to be among the saddest moments in the History of humankind, is it?
    4. Treatment of women in the Soviet zone during WWII
    5. Native Americans resisted assimilation, true or not?
    6. Germany after the fall of the Nazis and Hitler 
    7. The Six Days War - an act of aggression or just a preemptive strike
    8. Spanish Inquisition - the truth about its moral justification
    9. Freedom of the British press during the 19th century
    10. Niccolo Machiavelli is the founder of political science, true or not?

    Interesting history research paper topics

    1. Causes and background of the Rwandan genocide
    2. The History of the conflict between Palestinians and Israel
    3. Changes and evolution of Japan over the centuries
    4. The Iran-Contra scandal: figures and facts
    5. Causes of Cleopatra's fall in Egypt
    6. Governmental response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
    7. Rise to power of Adolf Hitler
    8. The fall of the Roman Empire: How, When, and Why
    9.  How did Abraham Lincoln's assassination influence the reconstruction of the US nation after the Civil War?
    10. Effects of British rule in India

    Ancient History Topics

    1.  Voting in Ancient Greece: myths vs. facts
    2. Ancient protests and demonstrations
    3. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome: similarities and differences
    4. Most powerful military in Ancient History
    5. Ancient Greek philosophy
    6. Gladiatorial Games in Ancient Rome: entertainment or moral event
    7. The grounds of civilians' life in Ancient Rome
    8. Police in Ancient Rome
    9. Alexander the Great - the most outstanding leader in History
    10. Power of Ancient Rome compared to Ancient Greece

    Middle ages history research paper topics

    1. Cities' development in Medieval Europe
    2. Interfaith marriages in the Middle Ages
    3. Nicholas of Cusa- medieval studies
    4. The Notion of Revival of the Byzantine State
    5. Discoveries in medieval Europe
    6. Intellectuals in the Middle Ages
    7.  The role of the Quran in medieval Europe
    8. The impact of the Middle Ages on History
    9. Сommon crimes in medieval History
    10. Middle ages- the Age of discovery, why?

    World history research paper topics

    1. Fall of the Eastern Empire
    2. Feudalism decline
    3. Maritime discoveries
    4. Great monarchies' rise
    5. Most powerful monarch in the world
    6. Rise of the Dutch republic
    7. England under Stuarts
    8. Progress of civilization
    9. Great people of the sixteenth century
    10. The thirty years war

    WWI History topics

    1. The human cost in the WWI
    2. The Treaty of Versailles in the WWI
    3. WWI: How did America enter the war?
    4. The Russian Revolution in WWI
    5. Chemical weapons in the World War I
    6. WWI: The Gallipoli campaign
    7. Western Front and the Eastern front in World War I
    8. War at sea and in the air during WWI: Comparison
    9. WWI: Assassination in Sarajevo
    10. Entangling Alliances in World War I 

    WWII History topics

    1. African Americans and World War II
    2. WWII: Allied occupation of Japan
    3. Children in the Holocaust
    4. German Resistance to Hitler in WWII
    5. Church and the Holocaust
    6. Japanese American Internment during WWII
    7. Victims of the Holocaust during WWII
    8. WWII Diplomatic History
    9. WWII in Africa
    10. American neutrality in the World War II 

    European history

    1. Kings and Queens in Britain
    2. European economic history
    3. The Islamic challenge in Europe
    4. Muslims of Europe
    5. Political participation of muslim in Europe
    6. Seven Years' War
    7. Early Modern Europe
    8. Thirty Years' War 
    9. The rise of the Eastern Powers
    10. Politics in eighteenth-century Europe

    US history research paper topics

    1. Origins of the Civil War in the USA
    2. American Exceptionalism
    3. People in 17th century US history
    4. US election history
    5. American naval history
    6. A concise history of the US navy
    7. From Hot War to Cold
    8. Terror trophies of WWI in America 
    9. Schooner Nancy in the War of 1812
    10. US Peculiar Democracy

    American revolution history

    1. The role of the woman in American revolution history
    2. The global impact of the American revolution 
    3. The Townshend Acts
    4. American revolutionary war letters 
    5. Federalist Era in the United States
    6. Daily lives of Americans during the revolution
    7. American women writers in American revolution history
    8. Legacies of the American Revolution
    9. Issues in colonial newspapers
    10. Social conflicts during the American Revolution

    US Civil War

    1. African-American Soldiers in the Civil War
    2. Battle of Gettysburg
    3. US Civil War and Europe
    4. Appomattox Campaign
    5. US Civil War Battles
    6. Battle of Antietam
    7. Union Soldiers in the US Civil War
    8. Battle of Fredericksburg
    9. Battle of Spotsylvania
    10. Women in the Civil War Era in America

    Cold War history research paper topics

    1. Major events of the Cold War
    2. The declining impact of Europe during the Cold War
    3. The role of the United Nations in the Cold War conflict
    4. The Cold War is an era of fear
    5. Discussion on how to resolve the Cold War
    6. International order of the Cold War
    7. The Cold War effect on the popular culture
    8. Culture during the period of the Cold War
    9. Major countries involved in the Cold War
    10. The boundless history of the USA: Events of Cold War


    1. History of immigration in America
    2. Immigration before 1965 in the American country
    3. Immigration policy: historical overview
    4. Immigration to the USA: History, facts, and trends
    5. Trends of immigration through the years
    6. Historical trends of immigration to America
    7.  American immigration debate
    8. History of the immigrant population in the USA
    9. US immigration timeline
    10. History of immigration reforms in the USA

    Religion and  ideology

    1. History, Religion, and Ideology
    2. Ideology - official religion in America
    3. Dominant US ideology
    4. History of American politics and religion interaction
    5. US religion and ideology from the global perspective
    6. The impact of religious identity on the voter choices
    7. Political ideology in American society
    8. New religion in America
    9. How to separate politics and religion in America
    10. History of Identity Politics

    20th and 21st history research paper topics

    1. Civil Rights childhood
    2. American history of 20th and 21st centuries
    3. American Women in the Vietnam War
    4. Vietnam Veterans in Nixon's America
    5. Harry Truman and Civil Rights in American history
    6. Truman’s Moral Courage and Political Risks in American history
    7. A Companion to Franklin Roosevelt
    8. The Roosevelt administration and the events of Holocaust
    9. Ronald Reagan: The Mixed Legacies
    10. The Making of US Catholic President

    Modern history research paper topics

    1. The necessity of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    2. Native Americans vs. Europeans
    3. Westward Expansion
    4. Social Movements in America
    5. Governing the New Nation
    6. Inventors and Industrialists in the modern world
    7. The Price of Industrialization to the American nation
    8. Adjustment of the Great American West
    9. Industrialization effects on social movements in the USA
    10. US policies towards immigrants in the 21st century

     Art history research paper topics

    1. Semiotics and art history
    2. History in Alois Riegl's theory
    3. Art Studio vs. Art History
    4. Critical introduction to art history
    5. Philosophy of art history and religion
    6. Politics and US art history 
    7. Research and knowledge in art and design
    8. Influences of Jay Hambidge’s ideas on the history of art 
    9. The life of the contemporary artist and author Frank Stella
    10. Representing freedom with art during the Civil War in the United States


    To make your professor impressed with your history research paper, you should choose the topic that interests you the most and will be interesting to your reader indeed. Success of each academic paper depends on the quality of the core idea of the essay and the validity of research. However, as it is rather hard to define the best idea for the topic history research, our academic experts composed a list of great history research paper topics to ease your choice. If you have any questions regarding the history research paper or best topics for such essays, you can get 24/7 academic assistance at our online platform, where you can choose a writer by subject, user reviews, number of works completed, and credentials.

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