How to Write an Effective Essay Fast: Your Ultimate Guide

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How to Write an Effective Essay Fast: Your Ultimate Guide
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write an Effective Essay Fast: Your Ultimate Guide
  2. How to force myself to write an essay?
  3. How to write an essay fast
  4. 1.Check whether you understand the assignment
  5. 2.Create a favourable environment
  6. Remove distractions
  7. Have all the necessary things with you
  8. Have some snacks
  9. 3. Choose a topic
  10. 4. Make a research
  11. 5. Create a thesis statement
  12. 6. Develop an outline
  13. 7. Draft  your essay
  14. Introduction
  15. Body
  16. Conclusion
  17. 8. Proofread your essay
  18. How to start an essay
  19. How to write an essay fast in an exam or when the time is limited
  20. Do not underestimate the importance of an outline and planning
  21. How long does it take to write an essay? Can I write an essay in one day?
  22. Effective tips for writing a compelling essay fast
  23. How to write an essay really fast

Usually, students do not have too much time for writing essays as well as completing other assignments. Sometimes, you are pressed by time, such as in case of a SAT exam, when you have to write an essay just in 30 minutes. To cope with the task, you need to learn the tricks to know how to write an essay fast, be it persuasive essay, college or process analysis essay. You just need to choose title for essay, keep calm, and write your essay fast. Read on to learn the most effective approaches to fast essay writing and tips.

How to force myself to write an essay? 

Sometimes you just need to write your essay. Although you might not want to, have other plans, or be just too tired, but you have to. How to do it?

  •  The best way out is to motivate yourself. Set yourself a reward you will receive after completing your essay. It can be something you will buy for yourself, going out, spending time with your friends, or just extra hour of sleep students need so bad.
  • The other option is imagining what will happen if you miss the deadline or write a poor paper. Imagine how you will feel, it should motivate you to get to the work.
  • Another point is that you just need to realize that it is something you need to do and the earlier you start, the earlier you finish.

How to write an essay fast 

Undoubtedly, if you want to write an essay really fast, you need to know all the effective tips and tricks or you should follow a specific algorithm. Professional writers have created a guide to help you write a compelling essay fast. Read on to learn more.

1.Check whether you understand the assignment

You might consider this step unnecessary and skip this step. But we highly recommend you not to. Many students feel caught off guard when they start writing an essay the last night before the deadline and understand that they do not know what they should write or how to do it. Thus, it’s better to read the assignment just as you receive it to check whether you understand the task. If not, you can ask your professor or friends for help or an explanation.

2.Create a favourable environment

An important step is creating a favourable environment where nothing distracts you from your assignment and you can concentrate on it.

           Remove distractions

 Make sure to remove all the things that can distract you. It can be some journal, gadgets, TV, or social media on your phone. By the way, you can block your social media for the time you are writing your paper. There are special applications that will now allow you to open Facebook, Instagram, or other apps for the specified time you set.

          Have all the necessary things with you

Prepare all the things you will need to work on your task. These can be pens, papers, books, notes, notebook, etc. Make sure you have it all on the table before you start not to distract and waste your time in the process.

          Have some snacks

Completing an assignment will take some time, and definitely you will want to eat something or just to take a break. Prepare some tasty snacks you like and water of course.  If you have it near you, you will not waste your time on going to kitchen and thinking about what to eat.

3. Choose a topic

When you have prepared all the necessary things and your room for the work, the first step is choosing one of the good essay topics. It is great if it was assigned, but if not, you will have to brainstorm or check some interesting topics lists online.

4. Make a research

After you have chosen the topic you will write about, make a research on it to make sure there is enough information for you to create your essay. If the research topic is too narrow, you can change it or discuss some additional aspects of the issue. In case the topic you have chosen is too broad to be covered in your paper, you can also either change it or discuss only some its aspects.

5. Create a thesis statement

The first step is actual paper writing is creating a strong thesis statement. And it is quite logical as the thesis statement expresses the main idea of the whole paper as well the the author’s viewpoint on the subject discussed.

6. Develop an outline

The next step is creating an outline, which is a short plan of your essay. Students prefer outlining main ideas of each paragraph as a separate point. However, you can also outline the headings of ideas for each part of your paper, not every paragraph. When you have an outline example for essay, you will write your essay faster as you will not need to think about what to write next. You will just develop the ideas presented in your outline.

7. Draft  your essay

Start writing your essay and make sure to keep to classical essay structure. A paper should consist of introduction, main body, and conclusion. If you miss a part, the paper will look incomplete.

college students


The introductory paragraph usually starts with hooks for essays that trigger the reader’s attention. It is followed by background information on the topic and a strong thesis statement.


The body of the essay should consist of at least three paragraph. Each paragraph should discuss only one idea, and your arguments should be underpinned with evidence. However, each paragraph should be related to the thesis statement and develop the idea expressed in it. Make sure that your paragraphs are balanced and include a topic sentence, supporting and controlling ideas, and a summarizing sentence.


The conclusion part should include a sentence that restates the thesis statement. A short summary of the main points discussed in you paper should follow. Also,  make sure to answer the So what? the question in your conclusion part that will summarize the whole paper.

8. Proofread your essay

Always leave yourself at least few minutes to proofread and edit your paper as typos and careless grammar mistakes can spoil the impression about the whole paper.

 How to start an essay 

An introduction is the first paragraph of an essay. It’s purpose is to briefly explain what the paper is about and to spark the reader’s interest to read the essay to the end. Thus, it is recommended to start a sentence with a sentence that is called a hook. It can be 

  • An interesting and relevant quote
  • Shocking statistics
  • Interesting or unknown fact
  • Provocative question
  • Real life example

How to write an essay fast in an exam or when the time is limited

The process of writing an essay remains almost the same:

  • Understand the type of assignment. First, spend a few minutes on reading the task and make sure you understand the assignment.
  • Create a thesis statement. After this, formulate the main idea of your essay and express in a strong, specific, and concise thesis statement.
  • Create an outline. After this, spend 5-10 minutes on drafting an outline with main ideas you want to cover in your essay.
  • Write your essay. Write your essay according to the outline. Do not miss the essay parts: intro with a strong thesis statement in the end, at least  3 body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Always leave yourself few minutes for editing. No matter how limited your time is, leave yourself at least 3-5 minutes to proofread your essay and check whether you have missed something and to make sure it is flawless.

Do not underestimate the importance of an outline and planning

 Students often skip the planning part and consider and outline unnecessary. However, spend 5-10 minutes on planning your essay and drafting an outline. It will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas and then simply follow the plan and develop ideas from the outline rather instead of panicking and thinking what to write next and messing up your work. 


How long does it take to write an essay? Can I write an essay in one day? 

There is no unique answer to this question. It all depends on your writing skills, motivation, and your knowledge of the subject. On average it takes a student about 25-30 minutes to write 150 words. But it all depends, it can take either a shorter or longer time according to your college essay length

Effective tips for writing a compelling essay fast 

We have collected the most effective fast essay writing tips that will help you write a good essay quicker

  1. Always understand the assignment first
  2. Don’t wait till the last minute
  3. Prepare the environment and remove the distractions
  4. Focus only on one assignment
  5. Make a research before writing
  6. Create an outline
  7. Do not miss easy part
  8. Always proofread and check your essay for plagiarism
  9. Make sure you have followed the instructions.

How to write an essay really fast 

After reading the article, you will definitely complete your essay quickly. However, there is another way out. If you are not good at writing, have loads of other tasks, or simply do not want to do that, try using writing an essay using online writing assistance. A team of professional writers will complete any assignment according to your instructions just in 3 hours, and you will have time for other tasks or simply for having a rest. Just give it a try!