Opposing Positions with Rogerian Argument: Purpose, Benefits, Challenges

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Opposing Positions with Rogerian Argument: Purpose, Benefits, Challenges
Table of Contents
  1. Opposing Positions with Rogerian Argument: Purpose, Benefits, Challenges
  2. What is a Rogerian argument
  3. Purpose of a Rogerian essay
  4. How does the Rogerian argument differ from the traditional argument?
  5. What is the difference between Rogerian and Toulmin arguments
  6. Ideas for good Rogerian argument topics
  7. Rogerian argument outline
  8. I. Introduction
  9. II. Summarizing opposing views
  10. III. Position understanding and validity
  11. IV. Stating the presented position
  12. V. Stating the context
  13. VI. Stating benefits
  14. How to write a Rogerian argument
  15. Rogerian argument example
  16. Main outcomes

Most students get scared when they need to write a Rogerian essay because they lack an understanding the nature of the Rogerian method in academic writing. Professional writers prepared useful information organized in a clear and concise manner about the aspects of Rogerian argumentation. Every college student will find useful tips on how to gain mutual understanding and succeed in college debates, discussions, and Rogerian essay writing. We highlighted the purpose, benefits, and possible oppositions in the Rogerian essay writing to help students write Rogerian argument properly and effectively.


What is a Rogerian argument 

Rogerian arguments form argumentative reasoning that aims to focus on a compromise and base common ground between parties with opposing goals. Psychotherapist Carl Rogers established the aforementioned arguments which are named Rogerian rhetoric. The Rogerian argument was adjusted to rhetoric by Alton L. Becker, Richard E. Young, and Kenneth L. Pike's writing scholars. A writer seeks compromise, acknowledging the positive aspects of both parties' arguments to find a mutually beneficial solution to an issue.

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Purpose of a Rogerian essay 

The Rogerian argument relies on building a compromise between opposing speakers. Although Rogerian arguments are rather difficult for college students to perceive, they have to think about controversial topics differently. To put it simply, the purpose of the Rogerian essay is to view the argument from the perspective of a person you disagree with. Among the core Rogerian objectives, we can outline the following:

  1. to ensure readers that their position is understood,
  2. to delineate the area where the audience’s position is valid,li>
  3. to induce the reader to believe that both writers and readers share similar moral qualities, opinions, desires, aspirations, and mutually agreeable solutions.

How does the Rogerian argument differ from the traditional argument? 

Using a traditional argument in the discussion, a writer states a particular claim and provides evidence to prove it. According to the traditional argumentation, a speaker refutes their opponent underlying what is wrong. By contrast, the Rogerian argument represents how the opponent's claim is valid and demonstrates that a speaker understands the opponents' claims. As a result, it can be stated that the core differences between the Rogerian and traditional arguments are in:


  • share similar values with the opponent
  • get consensus
  • propose solution 


  • form reason
  • justify claim/belief
  • draw conclusions

What is the difference between Rogerian and Toulmin arguments 

If a Rogerian argument focuses on moral reasoning along with ethos appeals, Toulmin arguments focus on empirical data along with evidence to support claims. As a result, it can be stated that the core differences between the Rogerian and Toulmin arguments are:

  • logical reasoning
  • evidence
  • statistics. 
  • concession of a valid point from another perspective
  • finding a middle ground.

Ideas for good Rogerian argument topics

You have an assignment and need to create a Rogerian argument but don’t know what to write about? Don’t worry! We have created a list of ideas for a rogerian argument for you to choose from

several people sitting at the table and having an argument

  1. Testing household product and cosmetics on animals is cruel and should be banned
  2. The death penalty should be abolished
  3. Euthanasia should be banned
  4. Guns cannot be allowed to everyone
  5. Same-sex marriages are legal but unethical
  6. The Government should censor data on the Web
  7. Two-Child Policy should be implemented
  8. The minimum drinking age should remain 21 years
  9. Teenagers should be able to make decisions
  10. The age of voters should be lowered to sixteen
  11. The minimum legal drinking age should be eighteen years
  12. The death penalty is immoral
  13. Advertising to children is morally wrong
  14. Marijuana in medicine should be legal
  15. Evolution should be studied in every school

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Rogerian argument outline

To write an essay following a Rogerian approach, one may write a Rogerian argument following this useful outline.

I. Introduction 

  • Problem statement
  • Explanation of the positive change to resolve the issue
  • Opponents' solution to the same problem

II. Summarizing opposing views

  • Good topic sentences. Explain the prior reason for people to disagree with your point of view
  • Write one or several sentences with a quote or paraphrase points from the sources that disagree with the point of view
  • Write a commentary to help the audience understand the prime point of view
  • Summarу of the findings

III. Position understanding and validity 

  • A concept word from the previous paragraphs
  • A transition word or phrase at the beginning of the paragraph
  • Explanation of the validity of the opposing arguments
  • 2-3 sentences of opposing arguments commentary
  • A sentence with an explanation of how you might be able to share the point of view of the opposing side

 IV. Stating the presented position 

  • State personal point of view
  • A transition word or phrase at the beginning of the paragraph
  • Use quotes or paraphrases from sources, which support your point of view. 
  • A sentence or two of commentary
  • Explanation of the validity of your arguments 
  • A concluding sentence

V. Stating the context

  • Explanation on why a personal attitude has merit and is reasonable
  • In 3-4 sentences, write about the situations in which your point of view is valid and has merit, showing the audience that you understand that the reader will not agree with you all the time.

VI. Stating benefits 

  • Show the opponent how they would benefit from accepting your position/solution of the issue
  • A hopeful note.

How to write a Rogerian argument

To write a Rogerian argument properly and create an ideal Rogerian essay, you should follow several steps:


  1. Find the topic. You should focus on topics that you are interested in. Browse different titles for essays to get some inspiration.
  2. Create an outline. A detailed outline of a Rogerian model will help you follow all your thoughts properly.
  3. Write an introduction. This part of Rogerian should cover the main issue, the source in conflict, and reasons for analyzing the chosen issue from different angles.
  4. Opposing viewpoints.  State the core opposing viewpoint of your issue.
  5. Validate the opposing points. You should provide evidence supporting the opposing viewpoint. Also, you should explain why it is logical.
  6. Writer position.  State your core points on the chosen issue and explain each point in a concise manner.
  7. Validate the points of the writer. Provide evidence to support and explain your viewpoints.
  8. Discussion. You should debate about viewpoints. Argue your prime point with the prime opposing viewpoint. Give evidence to support these views.
  9. Write a conclusion. Summarize your views, give a solution that remains to be a common ground/middle ground between the writer’s position and the opponent’s position, but make sure to provide reasons for your view to be more beneficial.

Rogerian argument example

An example of a Rogerian argument will help you gain the concept of critical thinking and follow the Rogerian approach.

An example: "The Debate About Homeschooling."


Main outcomes

The Rogerian model for arguing is easy to understand after having a closer look at the difference between the writer position and the opponent's position, how to begin the Rogerian argument, and how to conclude. Finding common ground is the prime feature of the Rogerian method that aims to find a middle ground in the context of the opposing arguments. The audience should be able to review both sides of the issue and get a solution that is a kind of common ground as would be suitable for both parts.

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