10 Easy Steps That Help You to Write a Character Analysis

10 Easy Steps That Help You to Write a Character Analysis
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  1. 10 Easy Steps That Help You to Write a Character Analysis

College character analysis is a short essay about a particular fiction character or any famous person that has ever existed. The paper is focused on the personal quality of the discussed character. You should be really careful when completing college analysis versus school one. It involves a deeper research and some other nuances. Besides, the list or writing styles expands to this one:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • Harvard

Be ready that your teacher will expect a more complex structure, context, and persuasive evidence when you’ll move to college. You may involve your personal experience to support the chosen hero. In any case, we have prepared 10 efficient tips on how to write college character analysis paper better.

  1. In-depth research is a must

You might be sure that you know every trait of the individual you have chosen to discuss. In fact, you need to collect as many views and opinions for your character analysis as possible. A single character does not play the same role in every culture. The student has to gather many different sources to support his own view. Except for the book with the target novel, students are recommended to look through various:

  • Articles
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  1. Organize your thoughts using outline

An outline is not an obligatory part of college character analysis (unless your teacher asks for one). But a student can develop one for his own comfort. Then the process of analyzing will be clear and step by step. Otherwise, you may get lost in your text. As a result, any paragraph may lose the main point. All of a sudden, your reader will get stuck in the pool of your ideas. An outline looks like the table of contents and recalls you about what you have to write next.

  1. Powerful introduction with thesis

Just like any other research paper or essay, your analysis should include thesis at the end of your introduction. Make sure that you give a strong reason to discuss a particular hero. Focus on what you’ll talk about by inserting a quote or citing a line from the novel. There is no need to describe too many details – leave them for body paragraphs.

  1. Describe the character and his/her traits

Present all thoughts that you have found regarding your hero in the body paragraphs of your analysis essay. Stress the point which you support with the help of effective evidence. Recall even the minor episodes if they prove your position or contradict the opinion of opposition. To do so, you have to read the book from cover to cover.

  1. Discuss the main conflict

Although you must focus on the particular character, your analysis should highlight the main conflict in the novel if you wish to persuade the audience that your character is evil/good, right/wrong, etc. If you cannot define the conflict in your analysis, turn to online writing help immediately!

  1. Use academic language

You may think that this sort of assignment allows using informal language like slang. But even if you choose to discuss a book for teens which contains a lot of slang, your paper should remain in official voice and pure English language. Avoid using words which are not included in the official vocabulary.

  1. Reveal the type of character clearly

When we speak about essays in literature, some literature terms should be included. In this type of tasks student has to define whether his character is:

  • the protagonist (hero)
  • antagonists
  • major
  • minor
  • dynamic (changing)
  • static(stable)
  • stereotypical
  • foils
  • round (three-dimensional)
  • flat (single dimensional)
  1. Draw attention to your position

Play with different arguments which can show positive characters from bad sides and vice versa. E.g., you may recall a good lesson taught by the antagonist. You need to present an unusual view on the plot in your analysis to catch an eye of your reader.

  1. Involve unanswered questions

Your analysis can still involve some questions that were raised but remained unanswered. It will stimulate people to think about your essay for a while.

  1. Use expert help

You don’t have to much time to write your analysis essay. There is still some work to do, and there is absolutely no time or desire to read the whole play or even short story. Then, just contact professional writing team and order a 100% unique character analysis paper developed from zero.