Stay focused on the educational challenges to benefit later on

Stay focused on the educational challenges to benefit later on

To be up in the clouds during the class means not only a bad habit, it also has tragic influence on your grades. Your ability to concentrate at the lesson really proves to the teacher that you are a capable student, but besides, it shows that you are an adult who can control his thoughts and behavior. It will be very valuable in your future. Some students find it extremely difficult to concentrate on one particular subject and as a result they suffer. Here are some tips how to improve your concentration and take as much information as possible from the lecture.

Before the class

  • Sleep well. If you don’t sleep well, your brain won’t be able to receive and remember the information properly. Usually we need 8-9 hours in order to be fully rested. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have that much sleep. But try your best and go to bed at the same time every night. Then even the hardest compare and contrast essay will be easy to write.
  • Make your breakfast rich and nutritious. It might seem that it has nothing to do with concentration during the class, but the nutritious breakfast gives you an energy charge per day. Remember: the healthy breakfast doesn't mean that it has to be big. A cup of green tea, toast with cheese or peanut butter, cereal with honey and nuts, some fruits and your breakfast has all vital components to make your brain work. (here some ideas of quick and full breakfast for students). With such food you will have enough energy that will help you to concentrate during the class (for more information look here).

Say “no” to distracting things!

  • Sit at the first row in the class. It is much easier to concentrate if you sit in front of your teacher rather than look at somebody’s back.
  • Pay attention to your teacher, not to your gadgets. Don’t worry if you get distracted easily. But it might prevent you from studying well. Try not to use bright pens or very colorful notebooks, you will always sit and stare at it from time to time. Put away all the unnecessary things such as pencil case, diary, food or water. Now days the biggest distraction for students are their devices, especially cell phones. Turn it off! You may use only your laptop if you type notes there. But remember that the typing sound may distract somebody else.
  • No friends during the class. Of course the desire to spend the class time with your friends is too strong but you have to deal with it. Remember that the more you talk to your friends, the less information you get from the teacher. Probably, your friends might be confused why you want to sit alone, but explain them that you don’t mean to offend them and let them know why you prefer to sit not with them during the class.

During the class

  • Eye contact. Some students think that teachers tell too much unnecessary information, but it is just because such students don’t know how to fish out the key points. Show that your attention is completely directed to the teacher. Try to look interested.
  • Know your goals. At the beginning of the class your teacher always tells you the aim and purpose of his subject. Write it down. You should always know why you study it and remind it to yourself every time you feel that your attention and concentration are getting weaker.
  • Make notes. Highlight the key moments that the teacher tells, and listen carefully such key phrases as "Don’t forget", "Keep in mind", "It will be on the test", etc. It will help you to listen more attentively and you will know what points should be taken into consideration.
  • Take part in the class discussions. It is a good way to become more concentrated and successful student. If the teacher asks a question, try to answer it. If he asks your point of view, share it. It will show to the teacher that you have listened attentively during the class and you understand the material. Discuss the most important topics.
  • Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, just ask. It will show your interest in the subject and you will definitely remember the information this way. Moreover, probably, other students also have this question, but they are afraid to ask. In this case you will help them and get all the information at the same time. To sum up, always remember that it is in your behalf to be concentrated and gut the material. So don’t skip lessons, listen to your teacher, have enough rest, set the correct goals and follow them. If you cultivate your abilities, you will definitely benefit in the future.