Major in Business Opens a Lot of Doors

Major in Business Opens a Lot of Doors

A lot of people are looking for a job that can give them freedom and flexibility. When you are an employee in some company, you usually have five working days, a weekend, and a couple of weeks of paid vacation. We can assume that to get the desirable flexibility and independence one should either be a freelancer or have one’s own business. Whatever path you choose, what you will need is good knowledge of business concepts and practices. And one of the best ways to do it is to either take a few business classes of your interest or to choose a business major.

We would like to discuss now why prospective students should earn a business degree. Whereas Arts students get a broader knowledge that lets them adapt quickly, business graduates have a set of skills in a narrower field that makes them ready for work in the industry right after graduation. They acquire skills in marketing, accounting, and management – all of them are important for starting a new business or working as a freelancer and successfully promoting one’s services. In addition, business students study entrepreneurship, i.e. a process of building a startup company that offers some unique products or services.

Why do students like business classes? Theory is important for the business major students, but their main goal is getting a case-based learning. This means that students focus on analyzing situations that happen in real life and on solving realistic problems.

So Why Should I Choose a Degree in Business?

If you were not impressed with the fact that business graduates have a fantastic set of skills that make them prepared for a job immediately after school, then we have other evidence that can prove that majoring in business is a good idea. The notion ‘business degree’ can be rather vague if you do not do your research. If you finally do, you can discover that there are a huge number of fields in which a business graduate can realize him/herself. Let’s look at the list provided by Rasmussen College which has 24 campuses across the US. Business graduates can choose to work in health care industry as business analysts or account executives; they can find a retail trade job and work as store managers or marketing analysts; they can build a career in manufacturing or scientific and technical services; they can choose some administrative work and become inventory managers. Of course, this is not an extensive list of possible jobs – the number of opportunities is endless. However, such lists give a great example of the type of jobs students that earn a business degree can choose. Besides, according to the statistics provided by Rasmussen College, over 70 % of job posting that relate to management and business require a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you have food for thought before you decide if Bachelor’s degree in business is worth your time and energy.

Any Reasons Why I Should Not Major in Business?

That is true: every coin has two sides. Since we want to be objective here, we should also mention that some professionals believe that a business degree is not as good as it may seem. What is their evidence? To begin with, their idea is that students who major in economics can find a better paid job. Keep in mind that economics belongs to liberal arts, which means that economics won’t be your only focus. Liberal arts give students a huge set of various skills. Students learn how to write and develop critical and analytical thinking, which is extremely precious for employees today. Another good point is that the market nowadays is full of business graduates. We tend to agree with that. Even though a business degree opens a lot of doors, the line is very long. To stand out among competitors will require more than just a degree. So you will need to volunteer for some organization or become an intern to get some experience prior to your graduation. Think about this before you make a final decision. There is one more opinion that a business degree is not necessary to work in business because employees prefer liberal arts students. This point is rather controversial. Everything depends on the company’s needs. Moreover, as we have already pointed out, a lot of job postings do require a business degree.

Before one chooses any degree, one needs to sit down and spend some time doing the research. It is an essential part of building a career because the degree one chooses shapes one’s vision of the world. Students from different departments read different kind of literature, have different kinds of interests, and set different goals. You need to visualize what you want to do when you ‘grow up’ and read a lot of additional literature and other students’ comments to be fully prepared for making a decision. Certainly, you can always change you major, but nobody really wants to lose time and money, so the decision you make is very important because somehow it will shape your future. All we want to say is that if you feel like earning a business degree and you know what to do with it, do not hesitate and go towards your goal. Every major is good enough when you can envision your future career and work very hard to make progress and develop as a specialist and as individuality.