How To Write A Research Essay: Building Successful Study Brick-By-Brick

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How To Write A Research Essay: Building Successful Study Brick-By-Brick
Table of Contents
  1. How To Write A Research Essay: Building Successful Study Brick-By-Brick
  2. How to Write a Research Essay Thesis: The Main Paper’s Element
  3. How to Write an Introduction for a Research Essay and Move to Methods?
  4. How to Write an Outline for a Research Essay?
  5. Outline Writing Tips

In college, the way student perceives things change. Teachers add new types of homework papers, and the primary question to ask is how to compose a research component in a few hours. This type of academic writing develops more skills than a regular school essay. Students invest more time and efforts in creating a single research step by step. The article highlights some of the possible topics, explains how to compose the essay, how to get rid of plagiarism, and gives tips on making college life and getting study points easier.

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How to Write a Research Essay Thesis: The Main Paper’s Element

Why is it important to learn how to get a research thesis statement? A thesis of any paper is the basis every author should write. It is a basis of the whole content of a text.

“My research paper will prove Humanistic personality theory is a perfect fundament for inspiring employees to work harder.”

One more idea to include in the thesis is a comparison of the technologically advanced country like Japan with a society that lacks innovations and does not need them.

An author should not worry about the exact language in the thesis he/she uses to write. It is possible to modify it throughout the process. It will take no more than two-three hours to compose properly. In any case, a thesis statement should sound convincing and interesting: make the potential reader understand the significance of the discussed topic and your content:

  1. Interpret the topic of study to the target audience by a thesis statement
  2. Explain what the readers may expect from the research
  3. Give a reply to the main question you were asked in two-three sentences of a thesis statement
  4. Introduce the claim to let some people want to argue

When you write it, a thesis statement should answer the primary question of the essay. It is the main thing to remember! A thesis statement plays an additional analytical role. You can easily write a conclusion part, as you have to prove or disprove a thesis statement in it. A thesis statement is an instrument that lets your readers keep the focus on a paper. Representing a clear thesis statement helps a reader to orient in the further text. You can find a complete guide about thesis statement writing on our service.

The bibliography is an important part of the text that shows how properly you can cite. It requires all resources used to be cited properly. You can apply one of several citing formats: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Don’t underestimate a number of important factors, like locality. For instance, in every establishment of the USA tutors expect you to cite famous American essay writers and researches. The bibliography is put to the end of the text. Compared with the reference list, the bibliography contains all resources used for the creation of the text, cited in it or not. If you don't know how to enlist all works cited, ask for the guidelines about how to cite from our support.

You are able to find annotated bibliography Chicago style in our database if you need some guidelines. 

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Essay and Move to Methods?

Learning how to compose an introduction for an essay is the initial stage of a big number: an opening paragraph of the paper student predetermines further development and success of the academic paper. It is not critical to make it attention-grabbing or selling for reading. Unlike a school paper, the main purpose of the research paper is to educate the audience and express scientific research. A student may involve a hook, but it is not necessary.

What matters is introducing the topic and providing analytical background. A paper writer should do his/her best to ensure the reader of the topic importance by drawing a parallel between real-life implications and the research. Explain why humanity may benefit from studying the offered issue if it is one of the sociology topics to research, for example. It is important for proper reading to provide and create the setting and scene in the introductory paragraph of a study and give hints to finding a solution when you are writing a research essay.

The next part of working on is methodology. This step should include the following:

  • Context/Setting of the research papers
  • Compose down the design
  • Population sample (people who took part in the research)
  • Approach to sampling
  • Variables
  • Write about data collection tools & equipment
  • Outline analysis technique

This part of writing a research paper is the most technical and boring step. Without it, a professor will not understand the way student obtained specific data. The main idea of the step is to demonstrate a student conducted research alone. Such kind of work is not about copy-pasting the findings and conclusions of other scientists – a student must offer personal approaches to investigation. The more instruments he/she applies in step; the higher the chances are a useful result will be obtained. Go on exploring how to complete a research writing paper. Look at the way the Results part should look.

If you learn how to get a good essay, you should know this is not the closing section or a final step. You’ll have to write and create some more to make an essay complete for proper reading. The primary goal of the part is to report on data collection. Other three goals of this part include:

  • Population (write down the ethnicity, gender, condition, etc.)
  • Main outcomes regarding the observed problem
  • A secondary outcome like sub-category analysis

The section exists for summing up the findings/outcome and interpreting their meaning.

How to Write an Outline for a Research Essay?

Why is it important to learn how to create an outline for a research paper for a high school essay? An outline is an action plan; a writer risks getting lost in the middle of the process without having such a plan. In this kind of academic research essay, an outline is Table of Contents. Writing a good outline helps to save time and commit fewer mistakes. A student should highlight each separate section of the research papers and give it a name and briefly explain what each part should contain. Here are the guidelines:

  1. The title/cover page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. Results/outcomes
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Acknowledgment (tell about everyone helped and contributed into your essay)
  9. References to the literature sources and other research papers

Outline Writing Tips

Writing a good outline for your essay is a way to overcome many educational challenges. It is a key to a good structure, comprehended content, and logical connections between the parts of an essay. Here are the basic tips & tricks on how to get a research paper. Don’t forget to memorize these guidelines:

  1. Choose a relevant, up-to-date problem to analyze in your essay. The title should not sound general. Example: a student needs to represent a cultural essay about the US history – squeeze it to the role of Theodore Roosevelt in the World War I. This logical approach will narrow down the search outcome and speed up the process. Make time and read our blog with a list of steps on how to title an essay.
  2. Essay layout and outline will help to survive: without having a map in the woods, a tourist risks failing to get out of there. The same principle works with the academic essay writing – follow the outline template above by filling each field with the specific titles related to your topic.
  3. Mind the sources! It is critical to choose credible and relevant sources that are maximum 3-5 years old. It is a new requirement for educational institutions according to various points of view. Teachers believe things change quickly, and that is why one has to check the latest news on the topic before making conclusions or introducing research. Websites like Wikipedia r other open-source platforms will not be counted as any online user can fix them. The information there is not trustworthy. It is better to choose books, newspapers, academic journals, and scholarly articles to be the primary sources. Online encyclopedias like Britannica will do.
  4. Choose and use proper topic sentences in each new body paragraph of an essay: when you make your essay, mind that the main argument (topic sentence) should relate to the research topic. In this step, you should demonstrate the arguments with the help of in-text citations source. Pick the format every citation (the words of other writers) according to the chosen writing style, and provide a full list of references in the end.
  5. Proofreading & editing of an essay is a must! This is an important step that will get you many points. Do not hurry to write and submit the research essay once you are done with the final draft - it is important to start ahead to revise the paper. A little sign of a grammar mistake or plagiarism will leave you behind, so don’t underestimate this stage. Without postponing the task to the last moment, a student will guarantee some time left for the proofreading and editing to avoid silly mistakes like typos.

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