Best UK Universities: Global Rankings 2020

Best UK Universities: Global Rankings 2020

Oxford got round Cambridge and Imperial College of London in a race for the name of the best UK university. All parts of Great Britain have agreed on these university rankings.

You might wish to know these rankings to select the university which fits your needs. There is no need to conduct your own research. It would take plenty of time. The study was published in the authoritative source which every student can trust - Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020.

Together with Cambridge, the University of Oxford takes the top two spots in the rankings of most preferred schools.

3 Scottish universities are included in the Top 25. The university of Edinburgh is the leader in this part of the UK. As for Wales, Cardiff University wins according to all world’s academic standards.

Are you interested in the rankings for the Northern Ireland? The best university in terms of teaching is Queen’s University in Belfast.

More than 20 higher educational institutions that appear in the rankings of the top preferred UK universities are located in the capital of Great Britain. Thanks to its quality of teaching, Imperial College London is considered the best. On the whole, 91 universities were added to the rankings table. If you wish to apply to one of the coolest UK universities, submit the application form by your e-mail or traditional mail 6 months or even a year before to understand your chances. Need some help with getting to the world’s university from the UK top rankings? You may find free samples of admissions essays online or even make an order.

Top 5: Which University to Choose?

Check the rankings below. Select your university today.

#1. University of Oxford

Oxford is a global leader when it comes to the higher education. This university follows all world’s standards of teaching. The application process is rather harsh and competitive. Each student has to fight for his place under the sun. From year to year, the number of educational places increases. Currently, the university offers 5,200 places.

The university has perfect opportunities for in-depth research, various joint honors programs that mix a couple of subjects at undergraduate level. On the whole, there are 250 options regarding the educational fields.

This university is perfect for those who want to study philosophy, sociology, political studies, and economics. Elite degree course can be called one of the most valuable in the world.

University provides its students with the campus to live. Every college building is all-time accessible. The university is also known for the great range of activities. They include rowing, cultural events, and interest clubs. It helped Oxford to gain such high rankings. Centralized faculty exists to teach postgraduates. An undergraduate student can study exclusively by the professors.

Just as any world’s university with the highest rankings, Oxford provides each student with the quick access to any library archive. There are a lot of museums and clubs around. International students arrive here just to see a legendary Museum of the History of Science.

The university is famous for releasing 30+ world leaders, 26 British prime ministers, 26 Nobel Prize winners and about 120 Olympic medalists.

#2. University of Cambridge

Like Oxford University, the University of Cambridge is one of the oldest educational institutions in the entire world. It is located not far from London.

The name is famous for giving a home to 18,000+ students as well as approximately 9,000 employees.

In any university guide, the student can find that the place is appreciated for its math classes and teaching. Many distinguished UK scientists graduated from this university.  The rankings are high due to the fact local affiliated mathematics specialists made it through to get different Fields Medals.

The application process at this university is very harsh. The quality of teaching deserves investing your efforts. Cambridge acceptance rate is no more than 25%. Even a student with A grades for all final school exams has tiny chances to enter.

A teaching class in this university may consist of few students led by one of the best academic experts. Except for the typical lectures, the program involves supervision and career counseling. International rankings of the university reflect the effectiveness of such approach.

Students must be ready to face a huge number of tasks. However, they do not feel too overloaded as the study term is shorter than in any other UK school.

The university can boast a wide collection of medieval manuscripts as well as museums with rare specimens. Cambridge has a lot of artists, political leaders, sports people, and cultural authorities among its graduates.

#3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London rankings are pretty high thanks to its achievements in the fields of science, IT, engineering, healthcare, and business.

More than 125 nationalities study here. This fact makes this university truly global. Both domestic and international students have equal chances of becoming government counselors and policymakers after the graduation. The university's business courses allow launching own start-ups soon after the graduation. The rankings of Imperial College are proved by one of its most known alumni, the writer H. G. Wells and Sir Liam Donaldson, principal physician to the Queen.

#4. University College London

University College London (UCL) got its high rankings thanks to accepting students of all nationalities, races, religions, and social statuses. Women received equal rights when studying at this university. Such a democratic approach was unusual at that time, so the university turned rather popular.

The selective university appears to be among number ones in college league tables. No matter which city you move to, you’ll find a good job everywhere once obtaining the degree here. The basic campus is located in the central London area of Bloomsbury.

Every year admissions officers begin with looking at the grades of each applicant. Only “A” students are accepted. The most recommended programs include the BSc in philosophy, politics, and economics. A lot of international students are studying at the university every year. To be specific, almost 50% of the potential graduates come from the different parts of the world because of the UCL’s image and great rankings.

We can recall Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, among the university most distinguished students of all times.

#5. London School of Economics and Political Science

The University possesses the highest proportion of international students (70%). Every subject is taught at the highest level, but London School of Economics and Political Science strongest areas include international and UK law, economics, history, philosophy and global politics. The main point of the local academic standards is to provide students with the ability to solve domestic and global economic problems.